Game 154, 2016

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM, MLBN (out-of-market only)

The Dodgers continue their playoffs’ 4th-starter auditions with LHP Scott Kazmir (10-6, 4.59 ERA), who’s been on the shelf since August 22 with thoracic spinal inflammation. He’ll face the Rockies’ RHP Jon Gray (10-8, 4.42 ERA), who threw a shutout in his last start, striking out 16 Padres in the process. Kazmir beat the Rockies on July 2, going six scoreless innings and giving up just three hits. Gray has made five starts against the Dodgers and gone 2-2 with a 3.38 ERA, but the losses have both come at Dodger Stadium, where he’ll pitch tonight.

This will be opening night of a weekend celebration of Vin Scully:

The ceremony will also be available live at the Dodgers’ website tonight at 6:30 p.m. PT.

MLB came up with a playlist of 10 of Vinnie’s comedic remarks.

In non-Scully amusements, check out this photo of Josh Reddick with Stan Lee (yes, the Marvel comics maven).

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128 thoughts on “Game 154, 2016

  1. Cardinals doing their part to make it difficult for the Giants to make the playoffs. Lead Cubs 9-2.

    • That’s a tough one for me — as noted below, I think it’s a good idea if neither the Cards NOR the Giants are in the mix, because they find a way to win. But since this is an even-numbered year, I guess I’ll be satisfied with the Cards.
      No matter what, they would have to survive the Wild Card game AND the Cubs, so there’s hope they won’t be a factor.

      • The announcers were talking about the whole wild card scenario, saying they make it too easy for the wild card team with the day off before they have to play in the division championship.

  2. From San José Mercury News beat writer Andrew Baggarly (lightly edited for punctuation and spelling): “[I]f you are still tracking the NL West, perhaps because you are a wine merchant tracking the Dodgers’ champagne order, a Gnatloss reduced L.A.’s magic number to four, pending the result in Chavez Ravine.”

  3. What a great win. I even watched some of the video from Vin’s ceremony. A good night all around.

  4. In case you guys haven’t noticed, for the past three woo-HOOs, the exclamation points match the magic numbers.

  5. Trying to imagine Joe Davis talking about/to the kids in the stands. Or reciting the Thumbsuckers poem.

  6. It always feels a little strange joining the game already in progress. Off to a nice start and back to back is timely help.

    How was the tribute to Vin?

    • Joc did a good job of working the count, staying alive, and then hitting the pitch that was hittable. Great to see him dig in against a pitcher throwing 97 mph balls way out of the strike zone including one at Joc’s knees to hit the HR.

  7. I am usually too traumatized when we play the Rox (Coors and all) to ponder them, but they are probably the surprise of the West this year as it seemed that many predicted them to come in last. While they obviously suffer in home/away splits on offense, they do have some solid hitters and their starting staff is not half bad.

    • And they’re missing Storey in the lineup. Starting pitching has some talent, but the ‘pen’s been problematic.

  8. In Tacoma, after the sun went down in summertime, I could pick up the Dodger games on KFI. That’s how I listened to the last few innings of Sandy’s perfecto.

    • I was in the stands (but with my transistor radio on, just like many of us there that night–just not a Dodger baseball game without Vin).

        • My wife comes from a soccer country and is only a casual baseball fans because of my attachment to the Dodgers, but she found the ceremony very emocionante.

          • He’s almost exactly the same age as my father, had he lived, another truly fine man and a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. Switched to the Mets when they broke his heart by moving West, but always loved Vin. I miss him. I guess I was crying for more than one reason.

    • I’m making an mp3 version, missing some of the broadcasters video. But I’m hoping there will be a YouTube version of the video.
      I bought a 45rpm of the final inning of Sandy’s perfect game . . . not sure if I still have it, but it would be nice if the Dodgers released a tribute DVD for Vin.

  9. I bet this is a little hard on Vin. All this attention has to make him a little uncomfortable, but you soldier through.

  10. RBI talked about tears being shed at the stadium tonight . . . I’m getting misty just listening to this.