Game 153, 2016

Here’s an interesting point about Vinnie’s broadcasting style: Bob Costas pointed this out to Jason Stark, and Stark repeats it here: the production follows him. He doesn’t get directed “Okay, now insert a 10-second blurb about the upcoming homestand or bobblehead day.” Nope, he tells his stories and the guys in the truck just follow along.

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM, MLBN (out-of-market only)

Brett Anderson makes his third start of the year for the Dodgers after first recovering from back surgery and then going on the DL for blisters. He’s 0-2 with a 24.75 ERA in the four innings he’s pitched this season. His opponent will be Tyler Chatwood, who’s 11-9 with a 4.13 ERA this year. He’s given up five home runs in his last four starts and given up at least six runs in three of the four.

Lineup when available.

Howie instead of Turner at 3B has a ripple effect: it puts Toles in LF.

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  1. I see Vin’s call of Henry Aaron’s record breaking home run was voted # 3. I was driving home from work in Cerritos on the 605 freeway headed to Norwalk when that happened. From his description, the picture in my mind came very close to the actual events when I saw the replay later.

      • Ha!
        I enjoy pop or rock opera, but I only went to one “real” opera, a college production of “The Magic Flute.” Let’s just say that my date and I jumped at the chance to leave at intermission. . . . I DID see a filmed version of a production of “Carmen,” but that gets’ the benefit of a variety of camera angles and editing.

    • So you are saying that the giants could win out and all the Dodgers would have to do is win 4 of 9?

      • That is correct. The Giants are 81-72, so the best they could finish is 90-72. The Dodgers are 87-66. Four more wins would give us 91 victories.

        • I want the Dodgers to clinch before going to SF – ideally, this weekend, to coincide with Vin’s adios – and then end the Gnats’ season at The Phone Booth.

  2. Rockies took a beating on that very high strike 3 call to Arenando. Both he and Weiss get tossed.

  3. Watching the game on my phone and hit the volume button just as Ethier got that hit. The screen got filled and I only saw the ball go over the wall but didn’t see it bounce. Thought it was a home run!

  4. Toles has been busy out in left. Also – hope Joc is okay after crashing into the wall a few innings ago.
    Time to check out the Rockies bullpen.

  5. Well there was some of the luck I mentioned earlier. But they only score 1 despite all the help.

  6. The Mets, fresh from being at home by the Braves in a three-game series, blew a 4-3 lead and trailed 6-4 heading into the bottom of the 9th. They tied it on a two-run homer by Jose Reyes. The Phillies got two in the top of the 11th to take an 8-6 lead. Asdrubal Cabrera hit a three-run homer for tne Mets in the bottom of the inning and they won 9-8.

  7. The Dodgers don’t owe you anything Cardullo. You had a good birthday on us if you recall.

  8. What a tough putting by Anderson to evaluate. Has he pitched well enough to get a playoff spot?

  9. Yasmani Grandal’s season struck a chord and sent me digging through Dodger archives:
    2016 — Grandal: 26 HRs, 65 RBIs, .226
    1999 — Todd Hundley: 24, 55, .207
    1956 — Roy Campanella: 20, 73, .219
    (OPS hadn’t been invited in the last millenium.)

    • The calendar was not invented until whenever, but we still use it to measure the passage of time, even the years before it was invented. Hundley OPS+ 87, Campy 88, Grandal 115.

  10. Text book play by Utley. Field an easy grounder, bobble it, fall down, scramble to get it, and flip it behind your back to throw out the runner!

  11. I’ll go with the Ump on that last pitch to Seager. It was close, but it like it painted the inside corner of the plate.

  12. Well except for that little roller past Anderson last inning this would be a 2-1 game. Let’s get it back.

  13. It would be helpful if SD wins a few games now vs SF. This Rockies series might not go completely smoothly for the Dodgers.

  14. Anderson gives up three earned runs in two innings and actually LOWERS his ERA for the year from 24.75 to 21.00. Yes, I know. It is a very small sample, but still.

  15. Intensity is waaay down from the SF series. It feels like spring training in comparison to the playoff like feel of those games.

  16. I would prefer that the Dodgers use the rookie starters. I have always felt uneasy during Kazmir starts and I saw Anderson pitch in Iowa ( pre blister) and was not impressed with his stuff.

  17. From the Dodger site — and the At Bat app will stream the eighth and ninth innings live as Scully says his final goodbyes to Dodger Stadium — the ballpark that has served as his place of work since the team began playing there in 1962.

    I was hoping for the whole game to be simulcast . . . while that may still happen, as least I can get it here.

  18. Thanks for that info, Link.
    It’s clear Vin’s been leading the way and the rest of the world has followed for decades!

  19. I suspect that we will see a couple of our rookie starters in the role of long men over the next two days, much like Urias last night, bridging to the 6th or 7th. Regardless of how well Anderson or Kaz might do, they are sure to have limited innings.

    • After yesterday’s results, I am less concerned about the return of Anderson and Kazmir. I’d still prefer Stewart and De León, though.

      • Kaz gave the Dodgers a pretty good run from July to late August, presumably before he got injured, with 8 starts befitting a 4th starter, so can understand why the FO wants to take another look at him. Anderson on the other hand…