Game 114, 2016

Phillies at Dodgers, 12:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-P

Scott Kazmir (9-5, 4.51 ERA) goes for the Dodgers against Jeremy Hellickson (9-7, 3.72 ERA) for the Phillies. Worrisome stat: Kazmir has made 22 starts for the Dodgers and hasn’t gotten past the sixth inning in 12 of them. Hellickson, on the other hand, has gotten through the sixth in all but one of his last ten starts and in two-thirds of all his starts this season.


Hmm. No Turner, Segedin at 3rd?

49 thoughts on “Game 114, 2016

  1. Dodgers win 2-3 vs Boston
    Dodgers win 2-3 vs Philadelphia.

    Ergo, Philadelphia = Boston.

  2. Not feeling like the Dodgers day.
    Apparently if they don’t score 9 runs, they can’t beat the Phils.

  3. Kendrick, Segedin and Hernandez/Taylor up for the Dodgers in the bottom of the 9th.

  4. No question who the player of the game is for the Phillies. Galvis is killing us today.

  5. Reddick, Seager and Gonzo coming up. I guess really the biggest thing to worry from this game is how hurt Seager is from getting hit in the wrist. I know he is playing right now, but that means nothing.

  6. Lost my connection, so didn’t see what just happened only the crooked numbers on the scoreboard. Yuck!

  7. This game is rolling along. Didn’t think that the first inning would be our only scoring chance thus far.

  8. Will be out and about today, so will have to check in once in awhile. Let’s get the win.

  9. Would have been nice to have the fillies back on there heels with a couple more runs, but we should have a few more chances.