Game 110, 2016

Red Sox at Dodgers, 1:05PM PT, TV: FS1, SPNLA, NESN

The Red Sox send LHP Eduardo Rodriguez (2-4, 5.91 ERA) out to do battle with the Dodgers’ Ross Stripling (2-3, 4.14 ERA). Rodriguez has a 2.63 ERA and has gone at least five innings in all four starts since he was brought up from Pawtucket July 16. Stripling gave the Dodgers 3 2/3 innings of relief last Sunday when he replaced Bud Norris, who left after a dozen pitches with a mid-back strain. He’s replacing him again today, as the Dodgers have placed Norris on the 15-day DL.

The Red Sox will have David Ortiz at first base for the first time this season. Manager Farrell said Friday that “his bat in our lineup is an important one and it will be in the lineup tomorrow.”


75 thoughts on “Game 110, 2016

  1. On my way to Mexico Won’t land until after the game is over. Have fun and good luck!

    • The Giants offered him a mega-year contract a couple of years ago. He opted to sign a much shorter one to keep his options open.

  2. Was it just because he went through the waiver process that Puig’s time with OK Dodgers not starting until tomorrow? Or were the Dodgers trying to save Puig some long bus rides? Either way looks like he begins with his triple A time with the Iowa primaries.

  3. Can we re-do the trade with Oakland? Not asking for much – just a different pitcher and a different hitter. I’m kidding of course but really bummed that Hill is not available to pitch yet – and that Reddick can’t get a hit yet.

  4. So naming your child Mookie, automatically predestines him to be a Major League Baseball player.

  5. Meanwhile, Rich Hill has a new blister. Maybe they should just amputate and get it over with.

  6. Hernandez and SVS leave me cold in this lineup. I wish that Toles were still on the team. However, if Pederson is not starting I guess that Hernandez has to play centerfield.

    • I expect Toles will be back by month’s end, but he’s another lefty bat. This is where you notice Puig’s absence.

      • True, and also Trayce Thompson’s, not to mention Carl Furillo’s and Tommy Davis’.

        • In the smallest sample size possible, Toles had one AB vs. a lefty for the Dodgers and got a hit.

        • Thompson’s not due back until September 1. I’ve never seen a season with such a constant assault of injuries.