Game 98, 2016

Dodgers at Cardinals, 5:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-M

Brandon McCarthy (2-0, 1.69 ERA) has come back from TJ surgery much more strongly than I expected. Tonight he’s up against Michael Wacha (5-7, 4.45 ERA), whose 2016 season has been disappointing after his outstanding 2015 one.

JT is having much too much fun with Animal, who thinks the Dodgers need a drummer:

Video deleted as it kept restarting randomly.

Lineup when available.

129 thoughts on “Game 98, 2016

  1. This is where Jon was so good. Tapping into his emotions to help us deal with ours. I hope he has something good at Dodger Insider about this tomorrow (later today).

  2. There are only two ways I will be satisfied with this game: the Dodgers win (obviously) or it sets a record for longest game.

    • Must show some promise, otherwise the Cards wouldn’t be trying to carry him on 25 man for the season on a team that rates 5th best for ERA+ in the NL.

    • Turnabout is fair play. Our journeyman just called up shuts them down for two innings (StL rated second in NL in OPS+)

  3. Liberatore should be honored as baseball’s best unknown player. He has been unscored upon in 41 of his 42 appearances this season, including 28 in a row.

    • And still more LOB. I don’t know how a team can really work on something like this. Simple to say get more hits. Certainly don’t want less. Part of the problem is Dodgers lack of speed on the bases. Very station to station, not many stolen bases or going first to third it seems like.

      • That and sequencing. Home run, single, ground rule double leaves more runners and results in less runs than ground rule double, single, home run. The Dodger’s sequencing has been astoundingly unfortunate in this game and the one against Arizona.

      • It’s actually more about hitting RISP. They hit better in those situations than average, but the spread is only average within the NL.

  4. A-Gon is not having a good power year. He’s averaged 28 HRs per season throughout his career; he’s got seven in 93 games this season. His RBI total is a little below halfway to his average 103 per season.

  5. According to reports, the Busted Poseur left the Gnats’ game with a busted foot. How seriously busted not yet clear.

  6. The linescore of:
    1 run 6 hits 1 error vs 2 runs 1 hit 0 errors
    just doesn’t look right.

  7. Gnats scoreless through six, and will now face to face Yanquis’ brutally efficient bullpen.

  8. Hey, I can watch this one on FS-MW. Though it is tough to listen to Cardinal announcers.

  9. Yanquis making BadGums work hard, but leaving too many on base, lead Gnats 2-0 after two.

  10. Justin was very animated at third base yesterday, chatting up the ump and 3rd base coach between pitches.