Game 64, 2016

Dodgers at Giants, 5:30PM PT, TV: ESPN

19-year-old lefty Julio Urias makes his fourth start for the Dodgers. So far he’s shown signs of improvement each time out, but it’s not reflected in his W-L record (0-1) or in his ERA (6.94). One thing for sure, he’s getting starts in big markets: his third road start will be in San Francisco, and the previous two were in NYC and Chicago.

Urias’ opponent will be veteran righty Jake Peavy. He had a horrible April with an 8.61 ERA and improved to a 4.73 ERA in May, dropping his overall ERA to 6.41 to go with a 2-6 W-L record.

Lineup when available.

71 thoughts on “Game 64, 2016

  1. I am curious about how everybody here feels about this years Dodgers. With so many blogs whining and complaining about the team and about the front office, this blog has remained mostly positive. I like that.

    Stephen doesn’t set a negative tone to kick off comments on his posts. The blog writers that do set the tone negatively always attract sarcastic snippy and doomsday comments.

    I like this team. I liked the 1955 team better but this one is maturing. I have faith that Turner will be a strong second half player and Gonzales will continue to play fairly steadily. Seager, I think, will wind up with the ROY and be part of the threesome that includes Pederson and Thompson that will be the difference makers for this team.

    I think the odds of Puig making a major contribution are greater than Grandal’s, Kendrick’s, Henderson’s, Ethier’s, and SVS’s.

    I think Urias will pitch for the Dodgers until Ryu is back and will pitch better with each outing, that McCarthy will make it back and replace whoever is the weakest link, and De Leon will start a few games as well. Between, De Leon, Urias, Stripling, Bolsinger, Ryu, McCarthy, Kershaw, Kazmir, Maeda, Wood, and Cotton, the Dodgers have enough depth to have an opportunity for a quality start in each of the remaining games.

    If there is a trade, I think it will be for a set up reliever but the bullpen can be a good one from here on out without a trade.

    • If there’s a need, it’s a big and consistent bat. I’d like to think Turner could be that person, but I’m skeptical. The bullpen is fine, but the starting rotation needs somebody besides Kershaw who can go deep into games – otherwise, the ‘pen will expire from fatigue.

    • Thanks for the compliment. If I had a say in what the management on the field or in the front office did and they ignored me I might be negative. Since I don’t, I don’t see the point. It’s not like the team is deliberately tanking to get a first-round draft pick.

  2. Well. On to Arizona. Where we will start to hit more but have less effective pitching. Or something like that.

    • Is there any late inning magic left in the Dodger bats? Hope is a small thing but it is quickly getting smaller tonight.

  3. Watching Boche make his pitching moves this series reminds me that Roberts has a ways to go. I still prefer him vastly to Mattingly, but he’s green.

  4. Hey friends. I just got home from a party.
    Hang in there Dodgers and turn it around one more time.

  5. On radio Steiner and Monday conclude Julio is not in the Sidd Finch category of greatness yet, but he’s approaching very good. They then went on to tell the entire story of the Plimpton article at SI.

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  7. In last 14 days Joc’s BABIP is 0.171 in 44 plate appearances while Seager’s BABIP is 0.290 in 53 PAs. Pederson’s strikeout rate in those 14 games is 18.2% while Seager’s strikeout rate is 18.9%.

    Thompson’s strikeout rate in the last 14 games is 20.9 % and his BABIP is 0.304 in 43 PAs.

    • Thanks for the stats analysis. All I offered so far today is a bad parody of a horrible kids song.