Game 32, 2016

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

It’s a battle of dueling lefties tonight at Chavez Ravine as Scott Kazmir (2-2, 5.68 ERA) of the Dodgers meets Steven Matz (4-1, 2.83 ERA) of the Mets. This is the first meeting of the two teams since last season’s Division Series, and the Dodgers had better have their hitting shoes on. After Matz they’ll face Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Bartolo Colon in this four-game series.

Lineup when available.

79 thoughts on “Game 32, 2016

  1. After a full nights sleep, I offer this deeply mined gem this morning. Looking at the last 4 games, the Dodgers win when the other team scores 2 runs but they lose when they score 2 runs.

  2. Disappointing to wake up this morning and learn that you had all let me down. When will you get the offense going?

  3. I’m not too much of a “booing” fan but I’m not above calling out “Boring!”.

    • And just to clarify – I don’t find baseball boring, just the team’s play at times.

  4. All too often at home this season our hitters have all the fizz of a bottle of soda left out for a day without the cap on.

  5. Turner with the loud foul ball but at least gets a walk out of the deal. I’d be fine if Puig launched one here and now.

  6. The Mets are not doing themselves any favours with their base running. And yet they still lead.

  7. Maybe the Dodgers need to bring a bit of dirt from an away park (SD or Colorado perhaps) to give them good luck when they play at home.

  8. Dodgers are 3-7 in the first game of series so far this year. Might be 3-8 after tonight.
    Of course, they are 6-3 and one tie in those series…

  9. Just joining tonight’s discussion. Enjoyed the comments, not the score. My wife and I just finished watching the first season of Home Fires, a six-episode Masterpiece series on PBS. Set in a small British community at the start of World War 2. Nicely crafted. Good character development. Second season is in the works.

  10. One more inning like that and Scotty will be the proud owner of a Quality Start. Who woulda thunk it?

  11. Fell asleep for a few moments there. Woke up to Kazmir striking out to end last inning. It seems like the Dodgers woke up a bit themselves.

    • Thompson homer was sweet to see, and the Mets bobbled a few to keep the inning going.

  12. Kazmir is going to drop way down in the rotation once McCarthy and/or Ryu come back.

  13. Feels like forever since I posted here even though it was just last week. Nice to be back in the loop!
    Now we need to score at least 3 – uh make that 4 – runs in this one.

  14. What is happening?!?!?! They’ve hit 30 on the road, according to Vinny.

  15. Been looking forward to this series Their pitchers not so much. Hope the Dodgers are over their collective slump on offense.

    • A couple seconds behind on the telecast, but I could have guessed based upon your reaction.

  16. Long day today, on the ferry to Colonia and the bus to Montevideo (where taxi drivers actually yield to pedestrians at crosswalks). Going out to an early (8 p.m. dinner) and then will crash – probably will see little if any of tonight’s game, but counting on you all to bring home a Dodger victory.