Game 9, 2016

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

Old friend Rubby De La Rosa has had horrid luck against the Dodgers, going 0-3 with an 11.21 ERA against them in his career. Overall he’s 22-25 with a 4.61 ERA in his five previous seasons in the big leagues. Alex Wood has similar career stats: he’s 26-27 with a 3.36 ERA in three previous seasons.

Lineup when available.

I hadn’t thought of getting both Kendrick’s and Utley’s bats in the lineup in quite this way, but…we also see Yasmani Grandal making his first start of the season after he came off the DL Tuesday.

Here are some highlights from Opening Day:

First, Mr. Puig at second base switching hands on the base.

Now, here are the two throws to get Castillo at home, Puig to Turner to Ellis.

76 thoughts on “Game 9, 2016

    • Great article. Tendency of most fans wanting to pin the tail on the goat, as it were and ignore the complexity of the game and what goes into winning or losing. Darling gets to suffer alone, while poor Billy Bucks… I succumb at moments myself. While I would like to think I am above those sorry Sox fans or those of the Cubbies (Bateman, anyone?), I still blame that Maier kid for the O’s losing to the Yanks. (and like to think that the O’s drafted him just so that he would mire in the minors as penance).

  1. Is this one of those (very rare) time when Jansen pitches the more pressurized 8th (given the runners on base and the batters faced) – but not the 9th?
    Using your best relief pitcher at the right time is a very smart thing. Don’t worry about the Save stat.

  2. In the end (if it is indeed the end), what the Dodgers have been hoping for from Wood.

  3. Cooked and then ate during this game. Wood seems to be getting sharper and sharper. Weird.

  4. A few more innings and we can hand it over to the bullpen. Won’t that be fun?!

    • It’s 1 a.m. in Buenos Aires, and my nephew and his wife just left after dinner.

        • Actually, they’re going home, but it’s in San Telmo, way across town from us in Palermo. Too late for the Subte, so they’ll probably take the bus.

  5. Wood has been decent, if less than dominant, so far against a tough offensive team. Encouraging outing on his part, but Dodger offense needs to do more.

  6. Seems like the Dodgers are winning all kinds of reviews so far this season.

  7. Surprised that we can’t get anything going against Rubby yet. Maybe second time through the lineup.

  8. Dodgers get the double play this inning though. Now let’s get a few runs.
    Although, every game they have lost they have had a lead so…

  9. I remember when I thought Rubby De La Rosa was the bee’s knees and the cat’s pyjamas all rolled into one.