30 thoughts on “NLCS Game Two, 2015

  1. Prior to this last week, Daniel Murphy had homered in consecutive games once in his career.

    • Well that’s something at least. 🙂
      The sting of losing is mostly worn of for me and I am almost back to being a rational and compassionate fan of the game again.

        • In some ways that makes sense. Having someone close to you cheering for the team that knocked the Dodgers out makes it tougher to move on. I don’t know any Mets fans in Winnipeg or beyond so it’s not in my face as it were.

          • They ( my brother and nephews)were very gracious about their win, which almost made it worse. Oh, well. I guess if they make it to the WS it was their year after all. I can’t imagine how bad the Nats fans must still feel.