Game 159, 2015

Dodgers at Giants, 12:45PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA

Businessman’s special today — baseball under the sun as Abner Doubleday meant it to be played!

Brett Anderson goes for the Dodgers. He’s looking for win number 10 on the year, but perhaps even more importantly, if he goes three innings he’ll surpass the 175 1/3 innings he pitched in his rookie year of 2009, the most he’s ever pitched in a single season. He’s had a tough September, though, going 1-1 with a 6.20 ERA for the month and 11 earned runs in only 8 2/3 innings in his last two starts.

He’ll face Tim Hudson, who is the major leagues’ active leader in wins with 222 against 132 losses. He’s got a career ERA of 3.49. He’s retiring at the end of this season, during which he’s 8-8 with a 4.30 ERA. His last start was not good; he went only 1 1/3 innings against the As on Saturday.


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  1. I looked over that site Bumsrap referenced and I like it, I will be going back. This site gets very little action except during the game itself. Pre-game and off-days, there are maybe 4 people who talk baseball, with another half-dozen or so who come in for the game only. Dodger Thoughts had a lot more action, and it wasn’t always baseball, we talked, food, books, music, movies, history, whatever. Wish we did that here.

    • I do too, but it’s probably not going to happen unless we draw a lot more readers. If you look at Jon’s NCAA bracket contest the last year DT was in existence there were 200 players. I’ve set one up each of the following two years and had four players one year and two the next.

      Those aren’t the best metrics, but they tell you about the size of the readership. There are about 10 committed readers/commenters at this site. I wish there were more.

      • Alright, Let us few, us happy few, committ to try to get a conversation started every morning. Baseball or whatever. One or more starts it every day. If we build it, they will come. Maybe. Like WBB, I couldn’t care less about basketball, football, track, soccer, ice soccer, or any other of the insignificant sports, but life and living should provide material enough.

        • Baseball is the only sport I care about, but I am deeply interested in literature, geography, history and travel.

          • Sounds good to me. By the way, I’m crushed no one caught my St. Crispus speech reference or the phrase from Field Of Dreams.

          • Speaking of the St. Crispen’s Day speech — — I recently watched for
            the first time the miniseries “Band of Brothers.”

            Utah Shakespeare Festival is doing “Henry V” next year, with the same Hal who was in “Henry IV, Part 1” last year and the sequel this year.

            USF is a Tony-winning company 2 1/2 hours from Vegas . . . which means that no matter what the show, you’ll get a great production and 15 degrees cooler than here!

    • Don’t be too quick to jump. While that site is active year round which was the reason I left, it has its faults. The biggest one is the lack of any rules.

      From time to time I really got tired of all the crude names many commenters over there used to express their dislike of Mattingly. It also could get tiresome when a few said they felt like shooting somebody if Ellis or Pederson got into the game.

      That said, many comments were humorous. We tried to entertain each other. The Host, Mark, would purposefully start some threads with thoughts made to aggravate us or get us to argue.

      A couple of frequent commenters were banned for a couple of months because they got personal with the host and vice versa in arguing over the merits of the Red Sox trade that brought over Agon and Crawford. They are back but they continue to snip at each other.

      We can do better here. We just need to show up a few times a day and say something. Suggest trades, say who we think should start, who should be on the playoff roster, etc.

      We need to be the place that the Hot Stove League comes to talk.

      Link, give us a way to send directly to you a Post that you might use to start a new thread. Also, lets don’t only have game numbers as Posts/threads. That way a post/thread can last more than one day.

      All for now.

  2. Kershaw’s chances of reaching 300 K’s are diminished by a finger injury that has ended Matt Kemp’s season.

    • Ha! (However, you scared me there for a moment. I thought Kershaw had a finger injury.)

  3. I thought these two clubss showed a lot of class to one another in this series, including the Giants congratulating the Dodgers on their big scoreboard after Tuesday’s game, the Dodgers giving Hudson a big round of applause, Hudson tipping his cap to the Dodgers dugout, and AGon putting his arm around Hudson when he departed after his final big league inning. However, I wonder what Carl Furillo and Leo Durocher would have thought about all that, as well as Don Drysdale and Willie McCovey.

  4. Tied with the Mets for HFA. If we stay tied they have the tiebreaker since they beat us on a Uribear walkoff fly ball to take the season series 4-3.

    • How ironic that would be if we don’t get the HFA because of that homer by Uribe, whom I will like whatever uniform he wears.

    • It’s almost unbelievable how different a pitcher he is when it is a close game (top reliever) vs a non-close game (mediocre).

  5. Grandal may still be injured, and that is unfortunate, but he is now 4-for-76. Unless he recovers during the break from Monday through Thursday of next week, Ellis should get the bulk of the starts in the NLDS. We can’t have someone in the lineup who is virtually a sure out. Pederson has nearly dropped to that level as well.

    • I reluctantly agree. I’m also concerned about AGon, whose production has dropped off considerably, and Turner because of his various maladies.

      • Which is why it is good that Hernandez is back and that Puig might return sooner than expected as well. We need as many live bats in the playoffs as we can get.

      • When he is healthy, I prefer Grandal as our starting catcher, even though Ellis has been solid for quite a while. Maybe Yasmani can get some treatment over the mini-break. I join you in your concern about AGon. He is late in his swing, following off a lot of pitches to left. Even his RBI today was a flare to left. He had one deep drive to right-center, but he hasn’t been pulling the ball much. A friend of mine said that Kevin Kennedy said that AGon’s back is still bothering him and that Turner still has a sore knee.

      • If Friedman can figure out some way to get Paul Goldschmidt, I’ll pray to him every day and vote for his Sainthood.

    • His slump might not be due to his injury. He needs an off season to figure it out. Looks like Joc has already made a major change to his stance.

    • If Howie hadn’t made an ill-advised throw to first which let the batter get to second – Anderson would still have his shutout.

  6. Hey friends – nice to get home from work and see the Dodgers beating the Giants. Ahh, who am I kidding – I totally was watching some of the game at work as well!

  7. I have been hanging out at lately. I got started there in the off season when this site rarely had any comments. Like most of you, I was a longtime Dodger Thoughts reader and commenter.

    I left this comment at the other site this morning.

    You guys can say hello to me here

    I don’t know why anybody thought that this blog was mine.

  8. Anderson has now thrown four innings, which means he’s exceeded his career high of 175 1/3 set six years ago when he was a rookie. Good for him!

  9. Anderson a little sharper than last outing, at least so far. (As I write this, he gives up a single. Back I go into my silent state.)

  10. Bums I not that Internet savvy and I am not sure what this site is, but I wanted to see how you are doing. You are missed!
    M J

  11. This is not a complaint, mind you, but it is interesting to see Pederson not starting against a right-handed pitcher.

    • I’m guessing it’s a chance for Quique to continue his rehab and, simultaneously, give him opportunities v. a RHP.

      • The way Joc has been doing for some time, I wonder if Hernandez will play in the NLDS against righties in place of Pederson.