Game 151, 2015

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ESPN

First, this is not good news:

The Diamondbacks start Chase Anderson (6-6, 4.52 ERA) against the perennial All Star To Be Determined (as of 1:45PM PT). Anderson is taking the place of Rubby De La Rosa, who’s had a tough time with the Dodgers this season (0-3, 11.21 ERA).

Lineup (and pitcher) when available.

Carlos Frias starts for the Dodgers.

109 thoughts on “Game 151, 2015

  1. I just watched Kemp’s error on the fly ball by the Busted Poseur in the ninth last night. He truly butchered that one.

  2. MLB let me “watch” Tuesday’s game. By which I mean I watch a couple of innings and go to bed early. It’s DVRd if I want to watch it next day. Last night was supposed to be available too, but midway through Agon’s first at bat they suddenly decided to black it out. I was going to bed soon anyway but the stupidity of the Baseball Kings just amazes me. It would be nice if today’s game would be available, I could watch it all, have lunch while watching the game, a real treat for me but not to be…

  3. That’s it for me. I should catch the last few innings of tomorrow’s game. Hard to believe we could be talking about a magic number of 4 – or even 3 – in about 16 to 24 hours.

  4. Magic number is 5!! Giants tie it in the top of the ninth but Padres win it in the bottom of the ninth.

    • He didn’t, and then he really didn’t, (read Brisbee on the error by Kemp, it’s vintage) and then he did.

        • “The Giants’ season in metaphor form: Down to their last three outs, with the odds stacked against them, they had a chance. Buster Posey singled in front of Matt Kemp, who fields like he’s wearing pants around his torso and a jersey around his legs, and Brandon Crawford doubled. The All-Stars were starring. The Giants had a chance.”


          • It wasn’t a single for the Poseur, unless you’re an extraordinarily generous scorekeeper. It hit Kemp right in the glove.

  5. Tonight might not be the best night for extra innings the way the Dodgers are going through pitchers.

    • The bats’ propensity for narcolepsy has concerned me most of the year . . . then there’s the bullpen . . .

  6. I never did the math, but Vinnie pointed it out. Everybody knew Joe D and how great he was, but Yogi hit only 3 fewer home runs in his career than DiMaggio did in his — 361 to 358. Yogi is third in career WS HRs behind Mantle and Ruth and first in WS hits. More here.

  7. RBI, a couple days back: “For those of you who remember this from two years ago, I may have to resort to painting my toenails blue again, and sooner rather than later.”

    OK, Link. As fearless leader of this blog, will you join RBI and paint yours blue, too?

    Pictures helpful. ;-])

  8. Utley, 2B
    Seager, 3B
    Gonzalez, 1B
    Ethier, RF
    Grandal, C
    Van Slyke, LF
    Pederson, CF
    Rollins, SS
    Frias, P

  9. This news is so bad, I’ve decided to make it good. Greinke gets a little more rest, and we put someone out there they have no idea how to hit.

    But who?

    Okay, maybe it’s time to panic.