Game 148, 2015

Pirates at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The Dodgers ask Mike Bolsinger (6-3, 3.13 ERA) to keep the Pirates in check while hoping they can get some runs of the Buccos’ ace Gerrit Cole (16-8, 2.60 ERA). Oddly, the California-born Cole has ne3ver lost in his home state; he’s 4-0, with one win each in San Francisco, San Diego, Anaheim and Los Angeles.

The Dodgers’ magic number to win the division is seven. The Pirates need to win to keep ahead of the Cubs in the second wild card spot by remaining in second place in the NL Central behind the Cardinals. Their magic number to lock up that spot is four. The Cards clinched a postseason spot today by virtue of the Diamondbacks’ win over the Giants. Their magic number to win the division is eleven, and they have one more game against the Cubs and three against the Pirates to cut that down.

Lineup when available.

There’s also this news: Bolsinger is officially part of the rotation for the rest of the season.

175 thoughts on “Game 148, 2015

  1. So the Magic Number is Seven. And we have seven games before we play the Giants. I figure even playing badly we will win two, maybe more. And the crappy Giants should lose at least two in the next week. So we will probably go head to head with a Magic Number of Three… or less. Good likelihood we will clinch the Division on their turf. Too bad they don’t have a swimming pool the Dodgers could invade… How about the whole Dodger team mooning the Giant fans and their “Beat LA” signs?

  2. Check in #2 – oh we lost by one run. Again.
    Arizona did us a favour by beating SF 2 out of 3. Let’s thank them by beating them 3 out of 4.

  3. Over the weekend, we won one, the Giants lost two, so the magic number dropped by three to seven. There are seven days remaining until we go to San Francisco for the four-game series. Let’s get the magic number to ZERO by then, so the Giants fans can chant “Beat L.A.” to their collective hearts’ content.

  4. Ellis and Barnes need to be doing more catching until Grandal is recovered from whatever ailment(s) he has.

  5. Utley as a Phil this year in 73 games: .217/.284/.333/.617.
    As a Dodger in 22 games (before today): .216/.303/.375/.678

  6. Bolsinger only gave up two earned runs (and they were very earned as they were no doubt home run solo shots). But could have been helped out even more by defense today.

  7. Does anyone know if Grandal is injured? Even including his two hits the other day, he is now 3-for-57 with 22 Ks. Unfortunately, he is a weak imitation of what he showed us for most of the season.

  8. Bolsinger was headed to first on that last pitch. Threw his bat away towards the Dodger dugout and took a few steps towards first base. He looked surprised to see Cole walking off the mound!

  9. Courtesy of
    LF — Crawford
    2B — Utley
    SS — Seager
    RF — Ethier
    C — Grandal
    1B — Van Slyke
    CF — Pederson
    3B — Guerrero
    P — Bolsinger

  10. Hi all. Home from the East Coast, and on my way to the stadium. It’s 93 out, so I expect to be baked to a crisp. Luckily, my seats have shade. Go Bolsinger!