Game 113, 2015

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MASN

“Zack, Save Us!” Well, maybe that’s overwrought. Nonetheless, the Dodgers are hoping that Zack Greinke, who’s 11-2 with a Major League-leading 1.71 ERA, can stop their four-game losing streak. If nothing else, they’re hoping he can get to the seventh or eighth inning so they don’t have to go to their beleaguered bullpen before then.

Greinke’s mound opponent will be rookie righthander Joe Ross, who’s 3-3 with a 2.80 ERA, 47 strikeouts and only four walks in 45 big league innings.

It’s Lakers Night at the ballpark, which is probably not as big a deal after the last two seasons the basketball team has had as it would be if we were still in the 1980s.


110 thoughts on “Game 113, 2015

  1. If Puig was motivated by being placed on waivers, the FO should think of more such incentives.

    • Virtually every player is placed on revocable waivers, it is how a club determines which of its players are of interest to other teams.

  2. Earned runs allowed by Greinke this season, including tonight:
    0 — 10 times
    1 — 6 times
    2 — 3 times
    3 — 2 times
    4 — 0 times
    5 — once
    6 — once
    7 or more — no times

  3. Hate to say it but I wonder if Dodgers need another run or two just to be safe. That’s sad to say with a 5 run lead.

    • So, I see you’re listening in to the live audio from the Dodger dugout…..

      Is that what Honeycutt was just nervously asking himself as he looked at his notes? 🙂

    • It certainly was….

      Looking at the scoreboard…..
      I told my wife that the Dodgers had a ” Walk Off” last night……

      The Dodger fans… They’re just gathering their things and ” Walking Off “….

  4. Another big opportunity here for Puig. Doesn’t need a home run, but an extra base hit would be nice.

  5. Just got home…. looked at the score…..

    RBI’s prediction from last night ? … looking great ! – Keep it up!

  6. On behalf of myself and fellow bloggers on this site, thank you very much, Mr. Puig.

  7. Making the first out at third in a scoreless game? Bush, and another example of our woeful baserunning. — MY MISTAKE: THE CALL WAS OVERTURNED.

  8. A key part of our problem is the performance of P and P since the All-Star break:
    Puig: .197/.247/.365/.613 — 20 Ks in 71 ABs
    Pederson: .183/.301/.268/.569 — 26 Ks in 71 ABs

    • Would be nice if they were hitting and more runs could mitigate other problems, but our second half scoring has been on par with the first half. It’s our pitching that has floundered.

    • They aren’t exactly the M and M combo of the Yankees of old.

      And just as I say that, Puig destroys a baseball. 2-0 Dodgers.

  9. Arizona scored 11 runs in the second, San Diego are up 8-0, I hope we catch the fever pretty soon

  10. Weird thought: I wonder what the Dodgers would have gotten last month in a trade for Greinke? Can you imagine if they had done that? We would have had the best farm system of all time.

      • I know. It would be more like Price or Cueto – which is the only reason why the Dodgers would have hypothetically considered it. Not that they did or should have. This all came from my fevered mind.

  11. Wasted that opportunity. Puig and Joc must be so frustrated they aren’t hitting a lick. I know I am!

  12. Greinke shutting down the righties. Harper was supposed to sit tomorrow. Wonder what’s up.

  13. Hey Link – nothing like a 4 game losing streak to get the comments flowing. I see the last 2 nights were both over 200 (213 and 215) and three nights ago it was 196. Any guess as to why we like to chime in more when things are in the dumps than when things are rosey? I would have guessed it to go the other way!

  14. The Dodgers have just claimed Bryce Harper on waivers. Well, in truth, he’s sitting out tonight with a sore knee.

  15. Nice to know that Johnson and Peralta will be rested and ready for tonight’s game.

    • As Utley cleared waivers, look for the Giants to engineer a trade to get him from the Phillies.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me, since the Gnats are Panik-stricken, but Utley pretty much washed-up.