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I know the comments are loading slowly. I suspect the reason is that there are now 489 posts and 26,243 comments in the SQL database for the blog. I’m not sure how to solve that unless there’s a way to archive previous years. I’m going to look for something like that.

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  1. Overnight sensations: giants (sic) lose; Hamels finally has a QS after ERA 5.93 in first two games with Rangers.

    • Wasn’t meaning for this to be so click-bait-y. It is about Vin not being sure about next year yet.

      • Thanks, Dave — I heard something about his indecision on a local radio sports show but didn’t know the details . . . what little they are.

        I found a video from Bill Plaschke who says he has two wishes: that Vin announce forever . . . but when he DOES decide to retire, that the be given a proper send-off . . . (by the entire country!)

  2. It was thoughtful of MLB to give the Dodgers an off-day in Oakland, to enjoy our mild climate and fine dining, while the Atléticos have to play in Baltimore and then fly cross-country after tonight’s game. Kershaw should be well-rested for tomorrow’s game, while the A’s may not be.

    • The MLB is too much. Maybe the A’s will start the scrubs. Oh, wait… That said, glad we miss Sonny Gray.

  3. Huh. I didn’t know Disqus marked comments read or unread. I guess it recognizes me as the moderator and shows me every one of them. I’ll try to find out how it works.

    • Yes, I meant the red balloon. It used to go grey after you had opened the window and reviewed even one comment, but that’s no longer the case. It now goes red again, with a larger comment number whenever you refresh.

      • Very rarely do I need to refresh to see new comments. Sometimes on my laptop when I have a weak connection. Everything seems to be working fine for me.

      • Ah. I’ve ignored that balloon for years. 😉 After clicking it and scrolling yesterday afternoon when it said 9+ it’s now down to 1, which is probably your (WBBsAs’) comment directly above.

        • I never paid any attention to the balloon–and don’t plan to, on the theory of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I get e-mail notification if there’s a direct reply to a comment of mine, most of which I’ve already seen due to pretty close monitoring of the site. Each time I check it tells me if any comments are unread; then it apparently marks them read afterward.

          My only issue is recent slow loading. Thinking you’re on the right track thinking the cause may be sheer number of comments. A larger number takes longer to load, much in the same way a nearly-full computer hard drive can be sluggish for the same reason.

          Maybe it would let you archive as inactive anything before, say, end of last season, and accordingly have less than 12 months to load.

          IIRC, Ken Arneson is a whiz at this kind of thing and fixed some bugs at DT. As a developer, he might have some ideas. FWIW.

      • Never used the red button, but just did. It turned grey for a moment, but went red with the same number as before I clicked it. (After I posted this, it went grey again).

  4. Disqus is generally OK but, at the moment, it marks every response unread whenever you refresh.

    Meanwhile, for those nostalgic about the previous regime, here’s the lineup for the last time the Dodgers played in Oakland:

    Dee Gordon SS
    Elián Herrera LF
    Andre Ethier RF
    Bobby Abreu DH
    James Loney 1B
    A.J. Ellis C
    Adam Kennedy 2B
    Juan Uribe 3B
    Tony Gwynn Jr CF

    Aaron Harang P

    Obviously, the new front office went and dismantled a potential dynasty.

    • Interesting, but I’d have 26K worth of comments and nearly 500 posts even if I went back to WP’s comment system, so if volume is the issue that wouldn’t solve it. And I don’t know how many (if any) of us dislike Disqus as much as that dude’s commenters did. I’m open to changing if people want, but I’m not sure it would make a difference in load times.