Game 83, 2015

Mets at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Mike Bolsinger goes for the Dodgers and Steven Matz goes for the Mets. The Mets’ Matz will be making only his second big league start, and it seems unlikely he’ll do better than his first. In his debut he went 7 2/3 innings against the Reds, gave up only five hits and two runs, got three hits and drove in four runs, and got the win.

Bolsinger, meanwhile, has fallen off from his early-season success. In his first five starts for the Dodgers he was 3-1 with a 1.15 ERA, but in his last six starts he’s 1-1 with a 4.40 ERA. He’s even suffered the indignity of food poisoning, which shortened his last start to four innings.

Today’s #Dodgers lineup vs. Mets:
Hernandez SS
Kendrick 2B
Turner 3B
Gonzalez 1B
Puig RF
Van Slyke LF
Pederson CF
Ellis C
Bolsinger P

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  1. From Jonah Keri at Grantland: “The Matt Kemp deal never looked particularly great for the Padres. Along with the possibility of receiving an in-decline star, San Diego shipped off Yasmani Grandal, a good catcher just entering his prime. Still, none of that automatically made the deal a bad one, especially since L.A. agreed to cover $31 million of Kemp’s remaining salary and San Diego was trying to recover from years of being a perennially dull team that lacked both power and personality. Yet, as we approach the season’s midpoint, it looks like San Diego got its worst-case scenario: There’s mounting evidence that their new right fielder is one of the worst all-around players in baseball.”

    • This is such a sad statement. We were at the game the day of his debut with the Dodgers and met his family. At that time he was spoken of as having limitless potential, a five tool player, etc etc.

      • He gave us nine years of OPS+ 128 and some glimpses of greatness to be thankful for.

      • I expect he’s not quite so bad as he’s shown so far, but he’s clearly on the decline, and it’s sad to see him becoming Vernon Wells.

  2. How time flies. We are basically at the same place mid-point that we were last year. Last year we started calling for Donnie’s head in May, this year in June. Back then, we had a cold April/May and a hot June, follows by a cool July/August and then a hot September (lotta good that did us going into the playoffs).

    • I have been thinking it might not be DM’s head we want to play soccer with, but the FO’s collective heads. I understand their theory of roster expansion but I can’t see any positive results from it’s use so far, and I wonder if it upsets the regular core of the 25 man roster, if they resent it or whatever. Doesn’t seem to help the up and down players, like Heisey, either. I think ballplayers are most comfortable with the traditional ways of doing things, they like stability. I think if the FO would get us one or two real starting pitchers, knock off the OKC Shuttle, the offense would open up in a big way. Tell Friedman he doesn’t have to run the club like a penny-ante semi-pro league team, he has a big checkbook, he should use it.

      • Hard for me to imagine that the revolving door at the 25th roster spot has much of a real impact on the other players and their performance. Another hurler might be nice.

        • They will be adding another starting pitcher before the trade deadline, but the so-called wild card and its expansion have made this more difficult. It’s time to dump the wild card.

    • This will be the 3rd year in a row that Donnie will pilot us into the playoffs, same basic team, same ups and downs during the season, same result in the playoffs. What is it they say about the definition of insanity?

      • It’s called baseball, only one team is really ever satisfied at season’s end. Very different team this year, only Agon, Dre and Puig remain as starters among position players, only Clayton and Zach among starters, and Kenley, Howell and Baez in the pen. I give the FO credit for reloading and keeping us competitive. The other route would likely have been a disaster this year and burdened the team over the medium term. Who knows, we might get lucky and play like the May team in October.

        • Assuming of course, that we are playing in October. What is scary is that this team that was a favorite to win the world series leads the Dbacks by only 5 games, and the pathetic Padres by only 7.

      • “will be…same result in the playoffs”

        Is your crystall ball THAT dark? But if accurate, you need to be in the stock market.;-])

  3. At least the Gnats continue to be cooperative. Didn’t (couldn’t) watch their blacked-out game, but I enjoyed the video of Harper’s leg double as Pagán slept.

  4. Just so you don’t think I’m a fair weather friend/fan – I did see some in game updates on my phone but didn’t feel like interrupting Sunday dinner with my fam to comment on that sinking ship of a Dodger game.

    Anyway, hope returns tomorrow and her name is Phillies!

    • Looks like you are going to have far more than fair weather in Winnipeg starting Tuesday.

    • I did, right after this game, and was pleasantly surprised to see it 2-0, saw the next two goals and enjoyed what I could as I had to work.

      Like I said after the semifinal, it is much more consistently intense than baseball, especially with “everything” on the line.

      Congrats, ladies’ soccer team!


  5. I believe Fox said last night that the Dodgers have the worst record with challenges. It didn’t get any better.

  6. If you’re being beat this bad and producing as poorly as this, would you root for the opposing pitcher going for a no-hitter?

    If I was following it live, I would . . . it’s history and the outcome is a foregone concluion

  7. I wonder if I could have gone to a casino and tried to get odds on who would have 15 hits and who would have 3 in a Mets/Dodgers game . . .

  8. Hate to quote Steiner, but apparently LA will be only 1/2 game better than last year at this time — 1 more win.

  9. Prediction: Mattingly will get fired in the off-season if we don’t reach the playoffs, or if we do and we fall short of reaching the World Series. I don’t see him getting fired this season unless we really hit the skids.

    • Is Bochy available? (wishful thinking)
      If there’s not a good replacement, I’m afraid that’s just a knee-jerk reaction.
      Everyone credits Donnie with his clubhouse managing.
      An “unstable” lineup could be a problem, but once the game gets going, I see two things for which he can be faulted: managing the pitchers . . . and putting on plays. Is lack of the latter because they haven’t executed in the past or a philosophical thing for DM (“cheating” as WB laughingly put it)?
      Regarding relievers, if Zack can shut down everyone for 7 innings — regardless of which side of the plate they stood — should we continue the thinking of pulling someone who is doing well just because of the arm which holds the ball?

      (Okay, maybe I AM campaigning for a manager who handles the bullpen differently and is willing to play small ball.)

      • The “unstable” lineup is a major problem. I have never before in my life seen a manager sit a player who hits well for several games, to give him rest. I understand that momentum is only as good as your last at bat, but rhythm is a progression over a period of time. These are professional athletes, do you mean to tell me they cannot play a week, 10 days, at a time without needing a nap?

        • The older players get a blow once a week (Turner and catcher sometimes twice a week), the younger ones (realy only two youngin’ Puig and Joc) play just about everyday (Howie as well). Donnie tries to work matchups when he does this to the extent possible and takes into account day after night games. The other shifts have to do with pure platooning (SVS/Either) and getting Guerrero in 2-3 times. I really don’t see anything going on here that is in the realm of malpractice.

    • Um, if we aren’t in the skids, I don’t know what to call it. I had the extreme pleasure of going to the game yesterday, my first this year. It looked like men v boys, and the Mets were the men.

      We looked pathetic out there. Our revamped defense cannot make the plays that “much improved” would make you expect. Our offense consisted of an entire lineup trying to hit 3 run homers even though the bases were empty much of the game. And Bolsinger and the bullpen….to say we are not improved there over the last couple years, well, this is the nice version of how I feel.

      It looked as if they were just going through the motions after the first inning. They let the Mets get the lead, they could not respond even though it looked like they were starting up a rally. After that, it was textbook baseball…by the Mets.

      If the west was not as bad as it is, there would be no offseason in 2015. Then again, we could win 40 of 50 after the all star game. No, that is not happening with this team. They got their team chemistry, they all get along. We are all friends. There is no spark, there is no leader, there is no one getting in everyone’s face. I wonder if anyone even said anything to Puig after he played that pop fly into a triple.

      Tough to watch, even tougher being there.

      By the way, I love Pederson, but a hitting coach would teach him to keep his head down and his eyes open when he swings.

  10. Given that we had a day off on Thursday, why not just start Anderson tomorrow on his regular four days of rest in place of Frias? Instead, why are we likely to go with several relievers or bring up someone from the minors? Makes no sense to me.

  11. In the right trade — perhaps a Cueto, if he signed up for a couple more years, or Hamels, and a solid hitter, I would trade Puig. The Dodgers will probably make the post-season in a weak NL West. But their train is likely to stop at the NLDS or NLCS station.

    • Agree with weak division and bleak outlook (as things stand).

      I’m even coming around on the thinking re Puig — for a really good deal. He may or may not live up to his potential, but that’s the theme of this entire season for LA: unfulfilled potential.

      • I would have considered it unthinkable to trade Puig a few months ago. But my thinking has changed.

  12. This is the most runs that the Mets have scored since 10 on June 14. Also the second time in their last 19 games they have scored more than four runs.

  13. The Mets started today at .500, so I don’t think we can even count them as a “quality” team . . . and they’re on the verge of beating the Dodgers 2 of 3 — including their ace.

    • Deep breaths, Bob_in_Vegas. At worst we’re three up by the end of the day. I have to believe this will not last.

      • Thanks, RBI.
        I — like Gloria — will survive.
        But winning the division only because of a great opening run and weak opponents isn’t much consolation with all the hopes pinned on this team.

    • Ha! Using this standard can be confusing and has its drawbacks. If we had lost the first two games and won today it would have counted as a win against a quality team, while the first game would have been a loss against a less than .500 team? Now, if the Mets take 2-3 from the giants they are all of a sudden a quality team and the less than .500 giants are no longer a quality team? We need an accountant!

  14. On Puig’s error (tho I guess the scorer doesn’t agree with radio), did he look as lackadaisical as he did yesterday?
    At first, I thought he was catching them to his side because of the sun until he did the same thing when he was no longer wearing shades.

  15. Don’t want to be a defeatist — tho I definitely feel defeated — but a change of pitcher only prolongs the game.

  16. Bummer bullpen isn’t effective, but it’s almost moot if you can’t get more than 2 hits (AGAIN a handful or less) and 0 runs.

  17. Bolsinger needn’t feel bad. If he had thrown a shutout, he would only have gotten a tie.

  18. Well friends, I will be signing off for a while. Hope to check back in later in the game – and hopefully the Dodgers have chipped away at the Mets lead a bit by then.

  19. Mattingly looking peeved, after the Mets score successfully after the hit-and-run. And now a hit-the-umpire.

  20. Puig has become anything but a clutch hitter, unfortunately. He is 1-for-18 with RISP and two outs this season.

      • Following up on your question yesterday, what type of cuisine do you like regarding your visit to Monterey next week?

          • Sorry. I hadn’t seen that. Will come up with some choices for you. I’d say let’s meet, but I won’t be around next weekend.

      • I hear you.
        And yet… those at bats had moments of significance within those actual games. I realize it is no indicator of what Puig may do today or tomorrow, etc but it still mattered in those moments.

  21. Murphy the only Mets starter today hitting above .255 (not counting pitcher Matz, who went 3-for-3 in his debut last week).

    • It’s like the Price is Right – see who can hit the closest to .255 without going over!

  22. Not a helpful start for Bolsinger. Seems like the same issues as Kershaw. Little nubbers finding holes.

  23. I am glad to see that Donnie dropped Pederson to No. 7 in the batting order. I don’t know if he’s been pressing lately, but his OPS is now .885, the lowest it’s been since mid-April, and he’s in a 3-for-22 slump. Also, if he hits a homer, it is more likely to have someone on base.

    • Quique usually leads off these days when he starts, but Joc normally dropped to second, so yes this is new.

  24. Photos of people competing in hot dog eating contests are really not that pleasant to look at. I wonder if photos of pie competitions might be messier but in the end better to see.

  25. This home stand hopefully will be a good chance to rack up a bunch of wins. Would love the Dodgers to go 7-3, considering they have two last place teams coming in after the Mets series.
    First things first – go for the series win today.

  26. Dodger Digest says there’s a possibility Eric Stults will get the start tomorrow, meaning a roster move would be necessary. Any wild guesses?

    • Is he not on the 40? That complicates things more than just sending someone back down.
      How many times can we DFA Brandon League? (jk)

      • No, he is not yet on the 40. There are some tougher decisions coming up shortly, when Crawford and a pitcher (can’t remember who) come off the DL. Only way I can see that happening is for several guys get traded for one guy so it opens up 2 or 3 roster holes. Interesting times.

        • FO must love all this. That’s why they get paid the big money – to piece all of this together.