Game 79, 2015

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

Senor Frias (5-5, 4.31 ERA) for the Dodgers and Senor De La Rosa (6-3, 4.69 ERA) for the D-Backs. This is the third time Frias has started against the Arizona team, and he gave up only one run in those previous twelve innings. De La Rosa has also started twice against the Dodgers, but he’s been pretty bad, giving up fourteen runs in ten innings.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Anyone have a link to the great throw that LF extraordinaire Alex G made to nail the runner at home the other day? My usual places didn’t, and that should be preserved for posterity.

      • 6/25 Dodger 4-0 win over Cubs

        “Chris Coghlan tried scoring from second on Miguel Montero’s two-out hit in the fourth but Alex Guerrero cut him down at home plate with a strong throw from left field to keep Chicago off the board.”

    • I have no idea how much a GM makes, it must be 7 figures, but how in the heck do you quit a job that pays that well?

  2. It was great to have the cushion that Grandal supplied for the rare misstep by Jansen.

  3. On fire: Including tonight, Kendrick is 12-for-21 in his last five games, raising his average from .276 to .298.

    • Went away but came back in time to see the comments here, then check Gameday.
      Most impressive is Grandal’s double . . . HRs are nice, but the situational hitting will turn this team around.

  4. Phew. Glad SVS made that catch. And same thoughts for Joc’s catch as well.

  5. On to the 9th! Dodgers are 360 feet away from handing the lead to Jansen.

  6. That was a waste. It felt like the pitchers would have walked more of the hitters if the Dodgers had laid off a few more pitches. Bad luck that Turner just missed his but so many 3 ball counts turned into outs that inning.

      • Sure, why not. I mean I’ve got nothing better to do tonight than to listen to the Dodgers string some hits and runs together this inning.

  7. A narrow range: From the end of play on May 15 through the end of play yesterday, Rollins’ batting average has been between .192 and .215., his OBP between .259 and .284.

    • After that strikeout, SVS has now has 1 sacrifice bunt in 572 major league plate appearances.

  8. Last night the Dodgers were burned by at least one lead off walk. Let’s see if it will cost AZ tonight.

  9. I think Frias is too inconsistent to remain in the rotation. The question is who should replace him.

  10. That was the worst strike two instead of ball four call on Howie I’ve seen in a while.

      • He may not make it to the 6th, but still working on quality start. Last outing he blanked Cubs over five. But if we can upgrade our 5th, by all means

  11. Since going 5-for-10 with RISP in the first game of the series vs. the Marlins, the Dodgers 2-for-27 with RISP including the first four innings tonight.

    • Unfortunately, the first game was the anomaly — and a frustrating tease.

  12. 2nd day in a row I can’t access game audio (at least pre-game) from the Android At Bat app. Today I CAN get Gameday Audio on my PC.

    Anyone else have that problem?

  13. Just finished watching the 2nd half of women’s World Cup, as US beat Germany, 2-0.

    I started cringing when I heard that rhythmic, irritating chant — but then i realized they weren’t say “Beat LA” . . . but “U-S-A!” I REALLY liked hearing THAT chant!

    • Just hearing about soccer helped me catch a little nap before baseball. Better than Ambien.

      • Means more when you care.
        But glad you were able to sleep.
        It;s actually more intense than baseball — there’s NO downtime, including commercial breaks at the half-innings.

  14. Dee just hit a three-run inside-the-parker off Vogelscheiße, Fish now gulping Gnats 4-2 in the third.

  15. LATD”

    Today’s subject is… Dave Stewart. Honestly, prior to it’s happening, how many of you said to yourself, “I wonder why Dave Stewart isn’t a GM?”. I could not have been more surprised by it (rumors disregarded). I liked Stewart as a ballplayer. I had nothing against him as an agent. (He repped Matt Kemp among others) He wasn’t Scott Boras but he wasn’t some of the dingalings who have become agents lately either. But with no experience, why would anyone hire him as a GM? Especially Phoenix. If it were Oakland or some large city with a large black population, I could see it as a fan connection. But why Phoenix? I bet they have White, Mexican, and Indian populations larger than Black. Some of his trades and signings have been real head-scratchers. So I’m stumped. If you know, please explain.

      • How so? I have nothing against anyone of any color. Is it now wrong to admit that some people have different skin colors?

        • no, its ok to recognize that, as long as you don’t make a federal case out of it…oh wait…it is a federal case….in fact everything is….don’t get me started….

          • I don’t think Dave Stewart’s skin color had anything to do with why he was hired or why he should have or should not have been hired. Thankfully, those days are pretty much behind us. For the record, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area has more African-Americans than four other major league cities in the United States: Denver, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Seattle. Toronto has about the same number as Phoenix. In Canada, black people are sometimes referred to as Black Canadians or African-Canadians, according to my research, but Dave of Winnipeg may want to correct that.

          • all this is very interesting, of course, but does not explain why the Dodgers cannot hit in the clutch or the bullpen cannot hold a lead

          • I am currently transcribing an interview on Afro-Uruguayans (about eight percent of the population there).

          • Yes, either are acceptable but Black Canadian is certainly more common (at very least in Winnipeg). As a father of an adopted son from Ethiopia, it is also most common even in my own home. I would add that my wife and I are humbled and honoured to be connected to Ethiopia in such a special way – so yea Africa!