Game Nine, 2015

Mariners at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ESPN2

On Jackie Robinson Day, the Mariners start Taijuan Walker, who last week had a first start of the season he’d rather forget: he gave up 9 hits and 9 runs in 3 1/3 innings in a 12-0 loss to the A’s on Friday. He’s 3-4 with a 4.15 ERA in 12 appearances (nine starts) over the past three years for the Ms.

The Dodgers counter with Brett Anderson, who gave up five hits and three runs but got no decision in a game the Dodgers lost to the Diamondbacks 4-3. Lifetime against Seattle Anderson is 7-4 with a 1.81 ERA in 15 games, all but one a start.


I’m not sure who that Van Skyle guy is playing left field. Puig is out, presumably to rest his hamstring again. Tomorrow’s an off-day, so he’ll have had three days to let it recover before the Rockies arrive.

In other personnel news, the Dodgers claimed left-handed pitcher Ryan Dennick from the Reds and designated left-handed pitcher David Huff for assignment.

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  1. From Eric Stephen: “Rodriguez, Chris Hatcher, Pedro Baez and J.P. Howell
    combined to pitch the final four innings without allowing a run. That
    culminated a strong three-game series for the Dodgers bullpen, which
    combined for 12 innings, allowing only one run on five hits, with four
    walks and 19 strikeouts.”

  2. Nice to see. Mariners were chosen by some to be the class of the AL West this year.

  3. 4 wins in a row and only one from an ace . . . time for Kersh to join the fun!

  4. Talk about closer by committee – might have 2 or 3 guys pitching in the ninth even without giving up any base runners.

  5. Not that I’m in any way thinking this game is over and done, but I need sleep. Probably just listen on my phone under the covers like a 9 year old kid!

    • That brings back memories, especially when the battery was dying in the middle of a play and I had to turn off the radio — pause — then turn it back on to hear the results.
      Come to think of it, it’s like waiting for Gameday to reset!

      • I totally did that trick with the radio too! Hadn’t thought of that in years. What a crazy little memory!

        • When I was about 10, I used to listen to the rugby league test matches being played in England with a small transistor radio. I would roll over to face the wall in bed with the volume on the lowest possible right near my ear. I think mum and dad had no idea

      • I recall sneaking the transistor into school to listen to the Dodgers in the Series (when I didn’t feign illness to watch it on TV).

        • Speaking of sneaking it into school . . . I was a sub teacher for the final playoff game vs. the Expos in ’81. My room had a TV and I told the kids if they were good, I’d keep the game on (sound off) . . . they would’ve had to set it on fire for me to turn it off!

          • Growing up, in Junior High we used to get a Major League umpire as a substitute English Teacher. That was in the days when being an umpire didn’t put you in the top tax brackets.

          • I was in Grade 6 and we watched it in our school as well. I was the only kid cheering for the Dodgers. All the other good Canadian boys and girls were cheering for Montreal. When Monday hit his homerun it was pretty quiet and I kept my celebration within myself!

        • I remember in school that in the ’73 series against the A’s the teachers put the game on for us. Day games in the series, I miss those.

    • Used to crawl under the big hi-fi cabinet with the warm glowing tubes to listen to Vin in the wee hours.

  6. On top of the good play by the Blue, this game is moving along at a nice pace!

  7. Vin rubbing it in, asking “What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?” And also saying he has never seen or heard of what Cano did happening before.

  8. Love the silly early season, where A-Gon hits 2-4 and sees his average drop.

    • I love it that the Busted Poseur just GIDP’d in SF, and is now hitting .219. Gnats trail 4-1 after six.

      • I suppose if he had done a bit better at the plate, he would have had a larger lead and therefore a bit more leeway to continue in that last inning.

  9. Vin cracks me up, says that Juan went to the mound to ask Anderson if he had ever been to the Dominican Republic.

  10. Mariners first baseman must feel like it is target practice out there tonight.

  11. I’m driving to L.A. from the Monterey Peninsula to attend my high school reunion on Saturday night — don’t ask how many years it is for — and am going to Friday night’s game with a friend from the time we were both 11. He is flying in from Florida. Should be great fun. We went to countless games growing up, often deciding to drive to Dodger Stadium about 45 minutes before they began. Any of you folks going to be there?

    • Sounds great, Scoop — have fun and bring ’em luck!
      (Must’ve been great to be able to decide to attend at the last minute . . . AND be able to get there!)

      • Thanks. I hope that I can bring Kershaw luck, not that he will need it. Back in the 60s and 70s the games began at 8 p.m. The crowds were frequently in the high 20s to mid 30s. It took about 25 minutes to get there. We’d buy seats in the top deck. I think they cost $1.50.

        • Great to get Clayton. Hsve been able to see him a buch of time here in DC and in Wrigley.

    • Wonderful story, Also grew up with Dodgers, but haven’t been to DS since ’76.

    • That makes me happy thinking how much fun it must be being at the game with family!

  12. Anderson showing the ground ball ability the Dodgers wanted when they signed him.

    If he can stay healthy. IF.

    • The First baseman was almost standing on the grass and the ball short hopped him at such a high rate of speed that he was lucky to get a glove on it at all. He is even luckier that it didn’t catch him flush.

      • We don’t have any cable in our home – and our budget is such that I am not signed up for Just the cool sounds of radio and everyone’s fine company here is what I have for following the Dodgers!

  13. Hope the Dodgers get the W . . . without continuing their streak of comeback wins.

  14. Great game so far! Here with my daughter, and my son is right behind home plate. Triple threat!

  15. I like this scoring runs first thing. Of course, I really like the scoring more runs by the end of the game thing the most.

  16. At The Phone Booth, Lincescum surrenders a three-run dinger on an 0-2 pitch to Arenado.

  17. For one night, at least, I’d like to see the Dodgers take a comfortable early lead.

    • Lottery pick? Actually, Crawford suffered a minor injury last night, so he’s sitting.

    • So Donnie can have his right-left-right lineup. But he goofed in not having Pederson hitting ahead of Uribe.

  18. “designated left-handed pitcher David Huff for assignment”

    That was quick. Guess if you get a spot start you better do better than Huff did, huh?

    • For a spot starter called up from AAA, he did his job well enough to give the team a chance to win, and they did. I expect he’ll clear waivers and go back to OKC.

      • Eric Stephen says if he clears waivers he could be outrighted, but with his 3 years service time can refuse.