Game 15, 2015

Dodgers at Giants, 12:45PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN, CSN-BA

The Dodgers try to salvage one game of the three-game series behind the pitching of Mike Bolsinger, who’s fresh off being named the PCL Pitcher of the Week. In two starts with Triple-A Oklahoma City this year, the right-hander struck out 17 batters while allowing three hits and three walks over 11 innings. He also has a 0.00 ERA.

Ryan Vogelsong will go for the Giants. He’s been a starter for the previous four years he’s been with the team, but this year he’s made three appearances and two have been in relief. He’s 0-1 with a 10.45 ERA over 10.1 innings, giving up 20 hits and 9 walks while striking out 10.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Just getting a chance to check in. Last I heard, the Blue were up, 2-1 in the 7th. Then I heard about the demise. (In between, I was attending a speech & debate tournament for one of the schools where I work — they had a much better showing, taking 1st!)

    Seems like deja vu all over again: lack of offense and bullpen gives it up.
    Big difference, tho: this year the offense now has not one, but two “AG” hitters . . . hey, the second Dodger Ramirez was great, why not the same for the 2nd LA Guerrero?

    I’m choosing to believe that this is the anomaly to the season, not the 7-game winning streak.

  2. From the I kinda wanna see this dept: DM said today SVS is emergency catcher. Sorta, kinda.

  3. What is Guerrero going to have to do to earn a starting spot? Are they holding a grudge because he would not be sent down? He should be in there until he cools off.

  4. It’s a shame the bats didn’t wake up more against Vogelsong. We didn’t even really have him on the ropes much to speak off. Two bolts of lightening on the homeruns and that was about it.

    On another note, it was interesting to see Puig’s at bat in the 10th. He seemed disinterested or perhaps more accurately – disdainful of the pitches being thrown by Casilla. The 2-0 pitch his bat never left his shoulder. He ended up walking but wonder if there was a pitch or two in there with which he could have done some damage.

  5. Bah humbug. Been checking in as I write. Only good thing is, Padres lost again as well. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s now a three-way tie for first, with us up by a hair. What a terrible time for the Giants to heat up, and us to cool down. I’ll be glad to leave A T&T, not to mention this particular combination of umpires. On to San Diego.

        • Bochy’s a good manager, but he won’t be able to do much with such a crappy roster, especially a starting that features a No. 2 and four others who probably wouldn’t be starting anywhere else. Actually, they probably would have been NRIs anywhere else.

  6. I blame package for his pre series prediction – 3 easy wins coming up ­čÖé

    • The momentum really did swing to the gnats from about the 6th or 7th inning on. Even when we had the bases loaded in the 10th, I wasn’t feeling too confident.

  7. Curses! I got back from the eye doc just in time see the Giants tie it in the ninth and win it in the tenth. I should have stayed in the optometrist’s chair!

  8. Counting today’s seven pitchers (thus far), we are averaging 4 2/3 pitchers per game this season.

  9. No save for Baez but maybe he will get the win. Except for the triple, Baez was pretty nasty.

  10. I wonder if Peralta is just for the 8th or if he will pitch in the ninth as well.

  11. Definitely wouldn’t mind a string of hits to score another run or two. The bullpen could hold the lead for the next 2 innings but I would be happy if there was a bit of breathing room.

  12. I wonder if it is the ump, or whether I’m actually seeing how Grandal is helping to frame the pitches. Seems like Bolsinger was really painting the corners today and getting some nice strikes called.

    • And for once, I stay with Vin. This whole getting a video feed is a wonderful thing – even if it only happens once a month or so.

    • Fielding percentage isn’t the only measure of defensive skills, but that’s obviously not good. How big was the sample size?

      • It was not a big sample size. Turner had 51 chances: 11 putouts, 36 assists and 4 errors. As a whole, the league’s fielding percentage at shortstop was .975.

  13. Fun moment for me. Had my son watching with me this afternoon for about 30 minutes or so. He called AGon’s HR before it happened.

  14. Belated report: I went to last Friday night’s game at Dodger Stadium in which Kershaw earned the victory. The stadium looked great. The only time we got to hear Nancy Bea Heafley on the organ was for the seventh inning stretch and Take Me Out to the Ballgame. I drove from the Monterey Peninsula to L.A. for my high school reunion, attending the game with a boyhood friend who flew out from Florida for the reunion and with whom I had attended countless games. Our loge box seats cost $60 each. When the stadium opened they were $3.50 apiece, but, hey, that was 53 years ago. I went to second home game of the 1962 season — Koufax beat the Reds and Gilliam homered.

  15. I see Turner is written in at SS. That should be interesting, seeing as how he butchered the easiest position on the field last night. The Genius seems to be convinced that Guerrero can only marginally play third base which is why he didn’t start in left field last night. If Guerrero, with as little practice as he has had, isn’t a better left fielder than Crawford, I’ll eat my hat

    • To be fair, Turner has lots more experience there than at 1B, though his best position is 3B.

  16. Today’s a day when I can empathize with you Southlanders who can’t see the Dodgers, as I’m blacked out in Oakland. At least there’s three innings of Vin before I get Steinered.