World Series Day Seven, 2014

Giants at Royals, 2:00PM HST/5:00PM PT, TV: Fox

I wrote this at my other blog:

There’s no more dramatic phrase in sports, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve said so before and I’ll say it again: Game Seven is evocative of heroics on the field in do-or-die circumstances: Bill Mazeroski and Joe Carter’s home runs, Sid Bream’s slide, Carlos Beltran’s strikeout, Luis Gonzalez’s dribbler…so many instances of melodrama.

Tonight we see another Game Seven. It’s only the third time in 13 years the World Series has gone the full seven games and the fourth time in the last 20 years, so cherish it.

The Giants ask veteran Tim Hudson to hold the Royals in check as long as he can, and the Royals do the same with veteran Jeremy Guthrie. The Giants have Madison Bumgarner in reserve, since today would be his between-starts throw day; the Royals have their fearsome bullpen threesome, only one of whom has pitched since Game Four (Davis threw an inning in the Royals’ 5-0 Game Five loss).

I can’t wait.

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  1. I’ll get a new post up in a while, but in the meantime here’s some Dodgers news: Dan Haren has exercised his option and will stay with the team. He had arthroscopic surgery on his non-throwing shoulder last week — injury not specified — but came away from it fine.

  2. Responding to Jonny below prompts me to again thank you, Link — and everyone who has shared the journey of Dodger 2014 baseball on this blog.

    Having the opportunity to comment and vent with like-minded, fellow Dodgerholics doubles the joy . . . and halves the frustration.

  3. Observation and thought: wasn’t Kersh as dominant as Bumgarner for the first 6 innings of the game he started on short rest?

    I’m wondering how much the lack of a strong bullpen (for Kersh) might have led to a mistake . . . while the presence of a strong bullpen (for Bumgarner) was a calming influence?

    • Kershaw is a much better pitcher. BadGums had a pretty good season and a really good week.

  4. Well, they earned it. I wanted the Royals to win, and they had a shot. I’d like to have seen Gordon try to score on that triple/double and error or whatever they scored it as in the bottom of the ninth. That would have made for a memorable tying run or last out.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but he may’ve been out of gas . . . make them make the perfect throw, cuz they weren’t doing anything against Bum. (BTW, I think it was single and two-base error.)

    • Totally agree. Even more impressive is they’re doing what the Yankees did in the ’90s without the stars/payroll of NY.

      The good news is next season is an odd year, so they’re not due to repeat!

  5. Maddy-B is better than Kid-K….
    The Giants are better than the Dodgers…. and, regardless of record, have been for the last half a decade. 3 of 5 years, Champions of baseball?… That’s a dynasty. IMHO.
    The Giants have it ‘when it counts’ and our Dodgers are ‘soft’…. I hate to say it.
    Many people bagged on Jeff Kent when he bagged on Kemp and Ethier on his way out.
    He was right about one thing…. neither is a “Champion”
    Two more things.
    1. Congrats to the Giants.
    2. If this game is “Played for the Fans”…. then my personal definition would include championship (s) … Individual stats may get these guys a few million more dollars, but, that doesn’t affect the fans. Doesn’t give the fans a championship parade… doesn’t generate any pride. They’re just that…. ‘ individual ‘…. and that’s not, in my mind, what most fans are hoping for each season. 🙂

    • I know what you’re saying, Jonny, but I wouldn’t say Bumgarner is better than Kersh.
      There is no doubt that Bumgarner was better than Kersh in the postseason . . . he’s possibly the best there has EVER been in postseason, at least for this stretch. . . . But that doesn’t mean he’s better than Kersh in general.

      No argument from me re the Giants being better than the Dodgers over this stretch. I even felt that in August, that they had more “come back” in them — literally, in the later innings. I think their manager and GM are better than what LA has had . . . possibly better than anyone in MLB.

      Tho I was rooting for KC and even getting more involved than I thought I would, I wasn’t upset the Giants won. They are a good team, I respect Bochy, Bumgarner gave a performance for the ages, and there wasn’t anyone I “hate” on their team.

    • Huh, what did Grumpy ever win? You complain about individuals and yet you bag on Kemp as an individual player not being a “Champion”? BTW, Matty hit OPS of .882 in the playoffs above his .852 in the regular season.

    • Good Morning! – I look at my email today and saw that….
      “I have a meeting with the Bobs” – Office Space reference. 🙂 (Hendley and Vegas)
      I must admit that I was a bit frustrated last night when I posted that.
      I will say this…. being in my 40’s now, and having watched the cycle of pro sports year in and year out… with new GM’s, new players, and new coaches that are supposedly going to usher in a “new day” … or … “be a players coach” … or “instill discipline” …. et. al.
      I’m kinda over the whole thing… I’ll never, ever lose my love of the sports themselves.
      However, the more I look at it…. IMHO – “Winners are winners, and losers are losers”
      Stats are great, but it so, so much… the ‘intangibles’ that make for success in sports, or even in life… We’ve all known the guys who think they’re sooooo good, the rules, practice, effort level, and basically being accountable – don’t apply to them. In baseball, I’m convinced these guys can compile impressive stats from April to September, make for lots of “Web Gems” and highlights, then go limp in October. I don’t want these guys anymore…. and, I can spot ’em a mile away.
      No Pagan, No Cain – Posey without even 1 extra-base hit = Championship?
      “Huevos” …. “Chutzpah” …. – Call it whatever you want. Champions have it !!!
      Memo to future and present Dodgers – “The destination is not LA and the historic franchise which is the Dodgers. The destination is the World Series Championship. If you don’t reach THAT destination, then you’ll just be an over-paid part of another chapter in the story…. big deal.” IMHO – The ‘lore’ which is the Dodgers was made by great people and great players – that ‘lore’ fades through time. People have short memories…. Players and coaches with great character need to be continually replenished from the draft to player development, to free agency. 🙂

      • Thanks for keeping your appointment, Jonny. 🙂
        I know what you’re saying (especially about the intangibles which the Giants definitely have), but if the attitude is “World Series or I’ve wasted 6 months of my life” — we’re all gonna be unfulfilled and frustrated.

        I’ve been an LA fan since ’71. If my math and memory are right, that’s 44 seasons, 5 pennants, 2 WS championships. If we’ll accept that even losing the Series is not a complete waste, does that mean that 39 seasons WERE a waste . . . in essence, 19 1/2 years of my life?

        I liked Jon’s missions statement of his blog (and now Link’s) being a way to handle baseball. My mood used to vary depending on what the Dodgers did. Now — whether from maturation, prayer, or St. John’s wort — I handle it better. “We” don’t win or lose, because I’m not playing. I DO invest my emotions and time in the Dodgers, but not my self-esteem.

        If it’s America’s great pastime, perhaps it’s just that — a way to pass the time . . . and share with other fans of the team and of the game, like we’re able to do on this blog.

        • Bob… very well said…. I think I’m on my way to arriving at your station here…… 🙂

          • Welcome aboard!
            I think you’re right about a station . . . it took me a long time in life to realize the old cliche is true — that the journey is at least half the fun (more so when it’s shared with friends).

            All this said, I have to admit there are times when I go into a funk because of the Dodgers. Those are times I am especially grateful for this blog and DT before it.

          • You’re more than welcome, Link.

            This summer, when I finally got my first smartphone, the first site I bookmarked is this one. It was almost as valuable as downloading At Bat (after all, ya gotta be able to follow the game before you can comment/vent about it!).

      • I beg your pardon, but this is totally absurd. Pray tell, which of the Dodgers did you spot watching television that were complacent and didn’t want to win? Was it Clayton by any chance? After all, he performed poorly, so I guess he didn’t want to win what with his big contract already in hand and Cy Young and possible MVP on the way for all of the work he had already done during the season.

        • Hey Bob….
          In no way, shape, or form… was I referring to Clayton Kershaw.
          From what I’ve seen and read, his approach to this game, as well as his life, is outstanding…. and, sets a wonderful example.
          I felt really bad for him… the way things went down in the playoffs.

    • BadGums is good enough to be the Dodgers’ No. 4 starter. He’s had admirable success in a small sample size of post-season performances.

  6. Congrats to the Giants.
    The Royals were tough but were Bummed out. What a performance by him!
    Hope to see the Blue there next year.