NLDS Day Two, 2014

Giants at Nationals, 2:30PM PT, TV: Fox Sports 1

After winning Game One the Giants hope Tim Hudson (9-13, 3.57 ERA; 1-3, 3.46 ERA postseason) can keep the momentum going. They’re facing Jordan Zimmermann (14-5, 2.66 ERA; 0-1, 11.25 ERA postseason), and all he did his last time out was pitch a no-hitter for his fourteenth win.

The Giants have won nine straight postseason games. The record is twelve, held by the Yankees (twice), the As and the Red Sox.

Cardinals at Dodgers, 6:30PM PT, TV: MLBN

The Dodgers have to shrug off yesterday’s stunning loss and regroup, and they’ll send Zack Greinke (17-8, 2.71 ERA; 2-2, 4.30 ERA postseason) out to face Lance Lynn (15-10, 2.74 ERA; 5-4, 4.81 ERA postseason).

78 thoughts on “NLDS Day Two, 2014

  1. I’d like to thank Greinke, Kemp and Jansen for helping me get a good night’s sleep.

    • Ditto.
      I’m in charge of the Haunted House for a school Halloween Carnival. The scariest thing I can think of this year is a Dodger bullpen pitcher coming to the mound . . . but I don’t think the kids will get it!
      (Nats fans probably feel the same re their ‘pen. But their bats are to blame as well.)

  2. Just finsihed watching this one in a bar in Nashville (last night’s game in one on Beale Street). Clayton brought them here, so good to see them doing their share and picking it up.

    • Sounds like you’re on a tour of TN.

      Where in Nashville, Bob? I live about 30 miles SE of there.

      Just curious. Can’t make it up. -])

      • Went to the Ryman to see Jerry Lee Lewis. Still killing it at 80 years old! Today on to Chattanooga. Having a great time in your state

        • Great to hear TN is treating you well. In Chatt, ride the Incline if you like that sort of thing. Very few like it in the world. Rock City is unique, too.

          I’ve seen several times where Elvis supposedly said he’d follow anybody on stage but Roy Orbison. But also have seen where both Elvis and Orbison were reluctant to follow Jerry Lee.

          Hard for many to believe Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart, and Mickey Gilley are cousins. Yet they are.

  3. We’re here. We made it to Rome! What a great way to start the day, with a W! (But man, I am fed up with those Gnats.) Go Ryu!!!! Ciao, my friends.

  4. On the road again . . . yippeee!

    Speaking of Haren (just below), this guarantees Game 4.
    Does Kersh go on 3 days’ rest . . . or Dan?
    Guess it depends what happens Monday.

    Speaking of that, D.C.’s inability to score runs/hold a lead screws up my plans (in contrast, the Dodgers are MUCH better). I’m going to the Utah Shakespeare Festival and if there IS a D.C./SF game, LA plays Tuesday afternoon, leaving me free to see the play at night. I don’t want to split my time between the game and the play (like I did with “Othello” back in July), because of the game’s importance. So if LA plays at night, I may not even go until Wednesday.

    Thanks, Nats, for making me wait until Monday to make my plans! (Of course, I’m sure their fans are even more upset.)

  5. Don’t think there were many if any of them here, but funny how the calls to trade Kemp and all the talk about how bad he was/how overpaid he was seem to have died out…

  6. Who’dve thunk after two games, the Dodger pitcher with a win would be League?

  7. Great game, Zack! Nice move by Donnie to give the fans a chance to show their appreciation.
    Get him the W, bullpen!

  8. I wonder if Puig is injured. One of the reports from last night said he was moving stiffly and/or in pain.

  9. great job Zac, now hopefully Howell in the 8th and Jansen to finish it off in the 9th

  10. The Sickening Seventh is averted . .. 6 more outs!
    Let’s get some runs, guys!

  11. Zack was a tougher AB than some of the others. . . . I sure hope the clutch hitting of the last week — and last night — returns!

  12. HUGE missed opportunity.
    Zack is doing his part as we have the offense from the beginning of the year.

  13. Good inning, Zack!
    Now, regarding those runs — Please sirs, can we have some more?

  14. Now Cabrera’s called out on strikes with one on in the 10th and doesn’t like it. Gets tossed, as does Matt Williams, the Nats’ mgr.

  15. One out away from being shut out, the Giants get a walk, single, and double to tie the game, with the winning run thrown out at the plate.

  16. No way to rationalize that loss because baseball isn’t a rational game, which probably accounts for its appeal. Consistently bad hitters over a month, season, career can average getting one hit in every four and a half or five at bats. Then one day, out of nowhere, three, four hits, maybe a home run or two, then back to their obscurity. Or really great pitchers, really good every time out till one day the obscure hitter(s) turn momentarily great and show them the other side, Sometimes I’m sure you got to be a masochist to be a baseball fan, because logical it isn’t…

  17. The morning after That Inning . . .

    If there HAS to be a goat, I’m glad it’s Kersh. He’s THE name on the Dodgers and he is made of character and talent to overcome this . . . and I wouldn’t want the onus to be on a journeyman player.

    Plus, I believe he will have a chance to redeem himself in this series. The last two years have proven to me that baseball is a metaphor for 2nd chances and redemption: Uribear, Dee, Haren, the Bison, etc.

    We talked about leaders on this team. Seems A-Gon is stepping up (I’m still surprised that when Puig was hit, the volatile one calmly went to 1st while calm A-Gon started the fracas), as is AJ —

    The fat lady hasn’t even started to think about warming up. . . . Go, Blue!