ALDS Day One, 2014

Tigers at Orioles, 2:30PM PT, TV: TBS

Royals at Angels, 6:00PM PT, TV: TBS

The Os-Tigers matchup appears at first to come down to whether the Tigers’ pitching, starting with Max Scherzer tonight, can hold down the Orioles’ penchant for home runs (they were the only team to hit over 200 dingers this season in either league). Chris Tillman starts for the Orioles.

The hook for the Angels-Royals game tonight is that the starters were college teammates at Long Beach State back in 2004 and took the 49ers to the Super Regionals in the runup to the College World Series. The Angels send out Jared Weaver while the Royals counter with Jason Vargas.

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    • September 28 story:

      Hamilton, who will finish the season having played in just one of the
      Angels’ final 22 games, didn’t feel the spasm around his right
      chest/ribcage he did when he hit off a tee earlier in the week, a
      sensation that made it difficult for him to even breathe.

  1. Just got back from a 15-mile bike ride through the Oakland Hills on an 89° day. It looks as if the pitchers have settled down.