Game 151, 2014

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Dan Haren goes for the Dodgers. He’s 3-0 with a 0.69 ERA in his last four starts and 13-10 with a 3.99 ERA for the season. After that mid-season slump he’s seemingly reduced the number of sinkers he’s thrown by 12 percent, says one statistical outfit, and that may have helped the turnaround. He’ll face Tyler Matzek, a rookie whose 5-10 and 4.23 ERA look bad, but may be misleading. In his last four starts he’s given up just four earned runs, including a three-hit shutout against the Padres. He’s 3-1 over those games. The loss was a four-hit 6 1/3 inning performance in which he gave up two runs but got no run support.

In other news, Ryu’s shoulder MRI on Monday showed no damage. He got a cortisone shot and will meet the team in Chicago. He’ll miss his next scheduled start but he’ll throw a little in Chicago and see how the shoulder feels.

Nobody on the Dodgers’ side is explaining what the cause of the mild flareup of tempers between Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig was during last night’s game. The press and we bloggers have therefore been free to speculate, as Steve Dilbeck of the Times notes and sneers at.

Via Twitter: “The Dodgers select the contract of LHP Daniel Coulombe from Double-A. RHP Stephen Fife was recalled from Triple-A and placed on 60-day DL.”


46 thoughts on “Game 151, 2014

      • It’s 2014 and they lacked your namesake — but excelled in your old one.
        Still better than the worst example of Dodger offensive ineptness I recall — 11 hits, 1 run.

    • I was wondering the same thing. We know League has rarely pitched well lately. We are now learning he can’t field (based on what Gameday said). With all the arms in the bullpen, I am mystified why Donnie turns to League so often.

  1. We continue to pile up the hits tonight, but with the exception of Turner we can’t strike the big blow. In our last four innings, we have eight singles, a double and a walk . . . for a total of two runs. Still, we have three innings remaining and are only down by three.

    • The first sentence sums up the year.
      Your last sentence reflects the hope the Dodgers of the last week have resurrected. (But, is it too dangerous to raise expectations? . . . RBI?)

  2. I didn’t see the pitches, but all I know is that Puig has looked at strike three in back-to-back innings with ducks on the pond.

  3. I was going to say this is similar to earlier in the game and year — much ado about nothing.

    But the radio guys say Puig and the Dodgers WERE robbed. I hope they score more, just to bounce back.

  4. Bummer x 2 — hit with RISP but no run.
    Bases loaded — ’nuff said (tho they did well yesterday).

  5. Regarding the bottom of the first, was Puig’s decision to throw to third a good one? Or should he have hit the cutoff man or thrown it low off for there to be a possible cutoff?

  6. I am guessing that Donnie was being facetious with the ’72 A’s comparison and putting the writers on. If there was anything remotely like that going one would think that we would have heard something other than this by-chance clip from the Rox feed.

    • Re the speculation from the article, I’m tending to think it’s frustration from everyone over Puig’s attitude/work habits being voiced by Matt, the once and future (?) leader.