Game 150, 2014

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Roberto Hernandez will start for the Dodgers, hoping he can get his groove back. In his last four starts he’s 1-3 with a 6.38 ERA. The Rockies counter with Christian Bergman, who’ll make his eighth big league start. He’s 2-3 with a 4.89 ERA, but his last two starts have been quality ones.

It’s looking like Carlos Frias will make the Wednesday start against the Rockies in place of Hyun-Jin Ryu. Ryu’s having an MRI today, and that result may determine when or if he pitches again this season. With that in doubt, Don Mattingly says it’s likely the Dodgers will add a pitcher to the roster.

In good news for Los Angeles Dodgers fans who want to see the team on TV, the last six games of the season will be shown on an independent station. Time Warner

said Monday that it has reached a deal with KDOC, which is carried by every cable, satellite and telco provider in Southern California and can be received over the air with an antenna.


Time Warner Cable chief operating officer Dinni Jain says the company will continue to work on long-term agreements with other providers during the offseason to carry SportsNet LA, which televises Dodgers games.

Uh-huh. If you couldn’t get a deal done during the season while the games were being played, why do you think you’ll be able to when there’s no product on your network that fans desperately want to see?


66 thoughts on “Game 150, 2014

  1. From the that’s baseball dept: Dodger pitchers struck out only 4 this game, highly unusual.

    Perez got 3 of those. Even more highly unusual.

    If he came on strong at season’s end and earned his keep, highly unexpected and highly unlikely.

  2. I missed yesterday’s game because of a schedule conflict, but enjoyed reading about the results. Thank you, Rox and Snakes!

      • Thanks for your note earlier today about the “comment confusion” and for everything you do in running this blog all season long. We really appreciate your selflessness and dedication.

          • Gonna disagree with you there, Link.

            I know how hard it is for me to stick to doing non-job-related stuff on a regular basis, even when I enjoy doing it. Heck, sometimes I even pull a Puig and don’t know what time the Dodgers are playing.

            But your site has been a cyber gathering spot to share with fellow Dodger-holics — an outlet to vent, a place to commiserate, a place to share the joy.

            AND a place that is cordial.

            I join Scoop and everyone else who has spent time here . . . thanks!

  3. JT!
    I was cheering just when I heard it was a fly , more with the hit.
    More please x
    Dee obliged.

  4. The next time that I want to see Carmona/Hernandez as a starting pitcher is after we clinch the NL West.

    • Sounds good . . . and I hope we see him again soon!

      On the other hand, this IS Coors Field and he only gave up the 2 runs. Still, after some of the euphoria wore off last night, I realized that there’s a long stretch before it’s Zach and Kersh again . . . we have to be able to count on these other pitchers . . . AND the hitters.

  5. Donnie is showing he’s serious about winning . . . hopefully the bats pick up on that (and Paco can shut ’em down here).

  6. Soo tough when it comes to the catcher’s spot without Zach or Kersh or even Ryu — like giving away outs.

  7. Right on! I hope Dish, Direct and the others keep on saying, “No”. Last spring, I would gladly have paid $5 a month; $30 for a season isn’t a lot but it has become a matter of principal. In an opposite way, the current Dodger owners are as evil as McScrooge was… And free games on Dish and Direct, don’t hold your breath John, that will be Southern California region only, neither you nor I will see them and I live less than 300 miles away.

  8. Coors is always a scary place, but hold on to your seats with the Dinger Twins (Fausto- 1.5/9; Haren 1.3/9) out there. Frias 1.1/9 in limited action.

  9. It’s really, really important that we keep the momentum going, particularly when playing so called “lesser” teams. As we all well know, anyone can beat anyone else on any given day (that includes you, D’ Backs!)

    • Amen! (Remember the Cubs!)
      It’s tough to get your groove back in Coors Field . . . but Dodger hitters also like it there.