Game 136, 2014

Dodgers at Padres, 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD, free game

Zack Greinke brings his presumably-recovering elbow to the mound to face the Padres at Petco Park for the first time this season. He beat the San Diegans on April 1 at Dodger Stadium in his only time facing them this year. Greinke is 13-8 with a 2.79 ERA. Ian Kennedy of the Padres, on the other hand, will face the Dodgers for the fifth time this season. He was the losing pitcher in the Greinke game on April Fool’s Day, in fact. Kennedy is 10-11 with a 3.75 ERA.

In player news, Hyun-Jin Ryu will come off the DL tomorrow and pitch against San Diego. Roberto Hernandez will now pitch on Monday against the Nationals. Mattingly says the matchups make sense, since Ryu has given up only one run to the Padres in 19 innings this year. Hernandez has allowed Washington one unearned run in 15 innings this year. Scott Van Slyke’s ankle isn’t nearly as bad as it looked when he first turned it the other night, as should have been obvious since he was sent up to pinch-hit last night.

Lineup when available.

I don’t know whether it was oversight or Hanley talking his way into the lineup, but the original one had Rojas at short hitting 7th.

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    • Now THAT’S finding the silver lining!
      Another one is no errors of commission — tho it sounds like Drew blew a chance for easy batter’s interference on that K-steal. Oh well . . . hindsight is perfect. . . . And they would probably still be playing . . .

  1. Just got home from dinner, took a quick look at the box score. It was deja vu. I didn’t have to go through three hours of frustration tonight, as compared to last night.

  2. I don’t quote Kennedy often, but he said Butera should’ve thrown and made contact with the batter and interference would’ve been called.
    Still, the offense would’ve had to manufacture a run and there’s no guarantee that would happen tonight.

  3. Oh well…. such are the “ebbs and flows” of a season….
    To look at the names in the lineup, it’s hard for me to fathom our runs having to come at such a premium…. but, such has been the case. (#’s 1-6 = all All Stars at one time or another…. even a typically good – hitting pitcher in Grienke.) No dice!
    PS – Puig actually struck out three times in that AB. Now, that’s talent! 🙂
    He did go around…. the ball was over the plate…. then K-Swinging.

    • You said what I’ve been trying to say all season, Jonny — this team should not be struggling like this! No matter what the #s show, they should be doing even better.
      I really thought/hoped Puig would’ve gotten a hit after the long shot, then the single.

  4. If the offense continues like this, they won’t have to worry about postseason decisions/performances.
    Yes, the bullpen lost it again — but if the offense shows ANY kind of clutch hitting, the bullpen becomes irrelevant.

    • The bullpen did not lose it. Mattingly lost it – for the second consecutive night – by failing to use a well-rested Kenley over 1) a bad Correia; 2) an overworked Wright. There’s no guarantee they would have won either game, but Kenley more than likely would have given the offense another chance in both cases. Mattingly is clueless about how to use his ‘pen.

      • Is there ANY manager who will use his closer in a non-save but high leverage situation? Aren’t they all alike in this kind of groupthink, or non-think?

        I wonder if any of the more progressive ones who might be inclined to try it back off because of the roasting they would take if it didn’t work. Or if it did work at the time, but the “closer” wouldn’t be available if a “real” save situation developed and whoever pitched then lost the game.

        • There is indeed too much group-think among managers on this subject, but Kenley was the only rested member of the bullpen. It was not the moment to worry about his save stat. Both Friday and Saturday, the top of the order was due up in the next inning – arguably the best chance to score, but you have to get there first.

    • Maybe I should do the same!
      But I know that when you did it earlier this year, they took off, so let’s hope the same happens here!
      (I definitely hope so. As I “confessed” at the All Star Break, I’m a Cowboys fan . . . and their season holds NO hope for good things, so I was hoping for the Dodgers to carry me into October.)

  5. I wasn’t able to listen to the games in the middle of the week, but I don’t get the feeling from the hitters that SOMEone will step up and get the job done.
    Then there’s the bullpen roulette, cringing with each new one brought in — especially when the first batter gets on.

  6. Many many rule one violations in our household with this game. I may have to bench myself. And my husband.

  7. Okay — Steinered there on the Bison shot . . . tho he DID say ‘had a chance.’
    The problem with a non-HR is it takes another Dodger getting a hit.

  8. The bullpen pitchers who go in and are unscathed must feel like I did when I took a family trip and one of my siblings was the one who got in trouble . . . ‘At least it’s not me!’

  9. Wow. That was close. Maybe one of our bullpen members will now throw strikes. But quite a play.

  10. Apparently nothing’s been done re the bullpen’s abhorrent walk record — or it hasn’t been effective.

  11. Where have Gordon’s line drive doubles gone? Evaporated with the rest of the offense on our team.

  12. First Drew, hopefully now Dre!
    How about deja vu-ing the glory days of Andre’s walkoff hits? Not the same, but this would be clutch.

  13. C’mon, let’s win this — for the team, and for Zack!
    (This is deja vu-ing last year’s LCS game I’ve been reliving with this offense all year.)

  14. Perhaps that other AB WAS a good omen for Puig.
    Way to hustle, Matt.
    C’mon, CC!

  15. Okay, fair is fair — Kennedy didn’t deserve to lose, so now he can’t.
    But hopefully the Dodgers can win — for obvious reasons PLUS Zack deserves the win!

  16. Turner can play 2nd, right?
    I think Dee should get a rest when Uribear comes back manana.

  17. Dee & Puig carried the offense at the beginning of the year — now it’s to the others.

  18. “If only” on Puig’s hit . . .that would’ve been good for the score AND for his psyche . . . hopefully it is for the latter, anyway.

      • Guess so — he’s my source.
        But according to RBI below, I guess I would’ve been Puiged as well.

          • No doubt.
            Often I hear the crowd get excited but can tell from his tone it’s still in the park.
            Unfortunately I only get the benefit of his wisdom when he’s on the radio.
            WHEN the feed comes through — I’ve been having a bear getting MLB Audio the last two days.

          • If I were to watch every game, I wouldn’t get anything done. If I’m listening, I CAN.
            And I need all the help I can get to stay disciplined!

            Guess I COULD, just to listen to it — but it’s a waste when LA goes east and Vin doesn’t . . .

  19. Just checked in and describes the game to date as: “Zack Greinke gave up an RBI double to opposing pitcher Ian Kennedy and is waiting for the offense to get going”
    Unfortunately, the “waiting for the offense” seems to sum up the season for me.

  20. Mulling over who we might see when rosters expand. Joc , Guerrero, and Arry probably are givens, likely FedEx too. Think Paco would be except he still seems subpar physically.

    Less likely possibles include reliever Yimi Garcia, 3.10 ERA, 61 IP, 18 BB, 69 K, 1.25 WHIP
    at ABQ, which probably means much better numbers elsewhere and which makes you wonder if he shouldn’t have a look-see.

    Wonder about a rerun of Clint Robinson, who DM likes. I’m curious about ABQ’s other Peterson (with a “t”), Brock, who’s hitting .387 and OPSing 1.128 in only 155 AB, which is a heck of a SSS.

    And more than a bit curious about Scott Elbert, proven MLB quality lefty reliever, which the Dodgers and others say they sorely need. Coming back from TJ, his numbers at ABQ have been decent but skewered by a couple blowups. Haven’t seen anything anywhere about why he won’t be up but see no mention of the possibility. Hard to see the downside.

    Roster and pennant race considerations likely mean some of these have no chance. Still fun to think about, like baseball should be.

    • Robinson and Peterson are older non-prospects. Joc, Guerrero and Arruebarrena are the guys you wanna see.