Game 123, 2014

Dodgers at Braves, 9:10AM PT, TV: SPNLA

Getaway day comes early for the Dodgers, as game time is noon in Atlanta. One wonders how many fans will show up for daytime baseball in mid-week.

The Dodgers will ask Roberto Hernandez (6-8, 3.83 ERA) to repeat what he did in his first start for the team after arriving via trade last week. In that game he pitched six innings and gave up just two runs, both in the first. He got a no-decision. His opponent will be former Dodger Aaron Harang (9-6, 3.31 ERA), who pitched seven strong innings himself last time out for the Braves. He too got no decision. He’s had a 2.55 ERA in his last nine starts, so he’s been pitching well.

Lineup when available.

42 thoughts on “Game 123, 2014

  1. ABQ was blown out by the football score of 17-7 last night, which led to use of a position player as pitcher in the 9th. Brock Peterson (yes, name similar to Joc Pederson) did the honors and gave up zilch, with one K.

    He hasn’t been with ABQ very long but has been tearing it up, currently hitting .370, strong even for there, playing mostly 1B, some DH and OF. Limited AB at ABQ but posting.448
    .622 1.070.

    Meanwhile, the other Pederson, Joc, hit HR #29 and stole base #27 in this game.

    Wonder who comes up in Sept. besides the obvious, Joc….Arby’s on a short-term DL, Guerrero is struggling as he tries to regain form of pre-ear attack. Maybe Peterson. Not much to lose giving both Cuban IFs a look and see how they do. Elbert has mostly been good lately. AAA pitching is a mixed bag, so who knows?

  2. In about half an hour, we head down I-5 for Southern California. Not
    sure I’ll see tonight’s game, but we’ll be at Dodger Stadium tomorrow

    • Wilson made it far more interesting than it should have been, and the offense missed some chances to make it a laugher.

  3. Unfortunately, lately this appears in about all box scores:

    “PO: Puig 1st base by (fill in blank, today Harang).

    Goofus also might have scored late had he slid into home, not gone in standing up and gotten tagged out. Need for that lost run was almost critical.

    • He seems to have improved in all areas except baserunning. With his speed, that area of his game should be a given — but it’s a detriment.

    • Disagree, he was cold meat on that play. The throw was perfect and had him beat. I’m glad he didn’t slide, that might have resulted in an injury. Puig makes a lot of mistakes but this wasn;t one of them. He wisely accepted the inevitable.

      • Sounds like you watched the play more closely. I had looked away, looked back to see him tagged, and went mostly by Braves’ announcers remarking that he didn’t slide. So I thought he’d had more of a chance if he had.

  4. Enjoying time here on the East coast –remembered the early game during lunch with bro and ecstatic to see 5-1 lead then suddenly 5-3 but KJ! and an insurance run!
    What a great road trip and several games showing a team that’s clicking! Go Blue!

    • That plane ride home will be a lot more pleasant than it could have been.

      Suppose Kenley may not be available tomorrow night.

  5. That extra run really helps. Will KJ help himself at the plate, too? The bar is pretty high for Dodger pitchers these days.

    • Good think you don’t go there in person. ‘;])
      Meant “thing,” but maybe “think” works too.

  6. Braves guys just said clubhouse guys are tossing Hernandez’s jerseys in the dryer between innings, handing him the dry one.

    So they thought he’s probably pretty rank out there.

  7. Fausto one out away from topping his first performance (I love to tempt the baseball gods).

  8. Hernandez still making his benefactor Ned look good. Think I read he actually was Philly’s second best starter after Hamels. So if they hadn’t been pretty much blowing it up, LA might not have gotten him. But then he is, what, 37?

    Isn’t that Fausto guy now that same age? ;-])

  9. Braves announcers noting Hernandez doing his usual thing to help raise the water table last inning, including shaking out his cap. They wondered if he’d changed jerseys, said it wouldn’t surprise.

      • Think I saw where excess is normal for him. Plus, he had to run to first the half inning prior to the deluge, Braves guys noted.

        Literally amazingly, our area has had a lot lower humidity overall this summer than usual, including now. I’m a couple hundred miles from Atlanta, so they’re almost certainly sharing the very low humidity, low 80s great weather here today.

        They’re threatening a humidity return over the weekend, but we’re already guaranteed a much milder summer than normal.

        At least the Dodgers will be gone. Think it was mild for their St. L trip right after the AS break too.

  10. Sorry for the delay posting a game thread, guys. I wrote it last night and scheduled it for 0730 HST, forgetting that it would actually start at 0600 my time.

      • Frustrating and it obviously grabs the headlines, but wonder how much it really matters. Not saying that it doesn’t matter, but its just the sort of thing that lends itself to being overblown in terms of importance.

        • IIRC, kind of a Jekyl & Hyde thing.

          Good numbers overall with RISP, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

          Terrible numbers with the sacks full.

  11. Harang doing well v. most everyone else. V. Dodgers, not so much.

    Braves announcers just noted this was his shortest outing of the year, so, yeah.