Game 105, 2014

Dodgers at Giants, 6:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN, CSN-BA

Kershaw vs. Vogelsong. Kershaw (11-2 with a 1.92 ERA) was handed his first loss of the season by the Giants back in May in a seven-inning, three-run performance. Overall, though, he’s 11-5 with a 1.48 ERA in 23 games (22 starts) against his San Francisco rivals in his career. Vogelsong, (5-7 with a 3.99 ERA), is 0-0 with a 3.12 ERA in three starts against the Dodgers this year.

Overnight the Giants added Jake Peavy to their rotation, trading left-hander Edwin Escobar and right-hander Heath Hembree to the Red Sox to get him. They’ll also get cash to pay at least some of his salary. One might look at his record (Peavy, 33, is 1-9 with a 4.72 ERA and has allowed an American League-high 20 home runs) and say “Huh?” Well, Peavy and Giants’ manager Bochy were together with the Padres for Peavy’s first five years in the bigs. Also, he’s got a 8-5 record with a 3.90 ERA in 14 career starts at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

Lineup when available.

45 thoughts on “Game 105, 2014

  1. game recap quoted Bochy saying Kershaw is a “four-pitch guy.”

    What beyond the obvious FB, slider, curve? He still occasionally throw a change?

      • Yeah, I thought later that if the Gnats and their manager think Kid K throws 4 pitches when it’s only 3, Kershaw’s got ’em right where he wants ’em.

    • The giant announcers were saying that as well and including a change up. For me, it seems like he uses the curve as a change of pace (and of space!).

  2. Last night at Oakland Airport, as I waited for my Swedish cousins to get through customs, I clapped when Uggla throw the ball away at the plate. A kid in a “UCSB Baseball” T-shirt and Gnatcap asked me if I knew where I was. I responded that I live here.

    • So you discovered a new species, a gnaturchin? ;-[)

      Hope you were as easy on him as you could be. He’s still a kid; maybe he’ll grow out of it.

  3. The Baseball HoF changed its voting rules today, stupidly, in my view. It could have waited a week or so until the excitement of tomorrow’s big ceremony died down.

    Anyway, they cut the voting cycle from 15 years down to 10, which may hurt some current guys who are close. Jay Jaffe is less than pleased.

  4. When I heard the ball rolled to the wall, I got excited — then remembered it was A-gon running/lumbering . . .

  5. Okay, offense — you’ve had your chance to look at Vogelsong . . . starting next inning, how about living up to the expectations you resurrected in us last night?!

  6. scooplew, as per your comment a few games ago, Gordon strikes out to start once again

    • I missed the game. My wife and I had dinner with friends, but I sneaked a few looks at the score on my smart phone. I did get to hear the bottom of the 9th and the lamentations by the Giants announcers, but also their praise of Kershaw, who must have been invincible….As for Dee’s strikeouts at the start, maybe he is too keyed up in the first inning.

  7. I wonder if they are trying Kemp back in centre to keep him happy and then that would make Eithier the most likely trade chip

  8. A good friend of mine who is an avid Dodgers fan and lives in a Chicago suburb said that Peavy is a “head case…..He thinks he is Superman and has this offensive attitude that would be more acceptable if were actually any good. Bring him on, he is beatable.” Peavy pitched for the White Sox from 2009 through most of 2013.

  9. Espn Lineup has Kemp in centre and Puig in Right. If this is true, I wonder why?

    • I hadn’t noticed that. I wonder if it is correct. It would seem odd given what DM has said (at least within the last few days).

  10. The Dodgers are fielding the same batting order tonight (not counting the pitcher, of course) for the second straight game. That has not happened often this year. Ethier is currently the outfielder on the outside. A footnote to the offensive onslaught last night is that Crawford, Uribe and Ellis combined to go 0-for-15 with no runs scored and none driven in. It’s unusual to have three players on the same team do that in the same game The rest of the position players were 14-for-24 with seven runs scored and eight RBIs. Greinke was 1-for-3 with a run scored, and his hit was tremendously important.

  11. Peavy ain’t what he once was. The Sawx gave up nothing and got a little something in return.