World Series Game Two

St. Louis v. Boston, 2:00PM HST, 5:00PM PT, 8:00PM ET on Fox.

The Cards send the phenom Michael Wacha out to pitch against the Red Sox’ John Lackey. The Sox lead the Series one game to none. Beltran’s in the lineup for the Cardinals, bruised ribs or no.

11 thoughts on “World Series Game Two

  1. Ortiz’ home run is a loud fly ball out in most other stadiums, I think. The Monster is only 310 feet away. And the sac fly that scored the tying run for the Cards looked awfully shallow, too.

  2. I’m half-heartedly glancing at Gameday, can’t really work up any enthusiasm for this Series.

    • I agree – some good hard-nosed baseball with the drama of 6 or 7 game series would be nice.

  3. Much better game so far – at least the Cards able to field the ball like an MLB team tonight.