Ramirez out for 8 weeks

That thumb that Ramirez injured in the WBC requires surgery to repair the ligament which stabilizes the thumb. The digit will be immobilized for three weeks before he can start using it again. I remember this. I broke a ring finger when I was about ten and wore a boxing glove-like soft cast to keep it from moving around. All summer. In Palos Verdes.

Anyway, it looks like Luis Cruz will play short, unless the Dodgers suck it up and play Dee Gordon there. That would leave Cruz at third. Otherwise they could platoon Uribe, Hairston and Punto at Cruz’s former spot at the hot corner.

Those guys strike fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers, I’m sure.

Update: In other personnel news, Guerra and Gwynn have been cut and sent to Albuquerque, as were Tolleson and Justin Sellers. They also cut Dallas McPherson, Ramon Castro, and Nick Evans.

15 thoughts on “Ramirez out for 8 weeks

  1. Saw somewhere that Superpuig told Donnie he had caught and played other IF positions in the past (maybe even including SS), not just OF.

    Anyone else seen anything like that?

    Developing ability to play other positions at the MLB level would for sure require time in the minors. But if he’s going down, why not work him at 3B since like most teams the Dodgers aren’t exactly eaten up with good hot corner prospects?

  2. If the team kept Puig and he struggled big-time and fell off, say, 200 points from his current ST average–he’d be hitting only,,,,only .327, All-Star level.

    Given contract $$ for the starting OF, he’d have to be a reserve or maybe platoon. He wouldn’t play every day, which would be a waste based on what he’s shown so far. He’s OF only, so no mixing and matching at 1B…

    “Struggle” with him might be a relative term. He could do some serious, serious damage until the league figured him out. If that happened, then he could go down to work on whatever issues had been unearthed.

    And if he’s not figured out………..

    • “Stash” looks in this case like a glib word used with no thought given to exactly how the team might do that or where it would put them. Also, one or more of those guys might express a wish to play, not be “stashed,” so he could ask for a trade or release in order to negotiate with one of those teams looking for a starter.

  3. Which of deja vu or two thumbs down fits better here?

    Dodger SS Hanley Ramirez has a torn right thumb ligament that will require surgery, expected to miss 2 months.

    Ramirez was acquired last summer from the Marlins, shortly after Dee Gordon suffered torn ligaments and a dislocated right thumb on a headfirst slide into third base that required surgery and a 2-month rehab. Two months out for each SS.

    Two RIGHT thumbs down? Not if you can’t move the thumbs….

    Apparently, if you plan to play SS for LAD, best talk first with Lloyds of London about supplemental insurance for your right thumb .

    • That might be a little far but if Hanley had not been playing in the WBC, he might not have gotten hurt. Also, he was out of his normal position on a rainy night. If you are going to hurt, you aught to have it happen with who pays you. Not free play.