5 thoughts on “Abby and the Bison

    • What’s funny for me is that our new dog is named Abby, and when Matt finds sippy cups stuck to him his tone of voice when he says “Abby” is exactly the same one I use toward our beastie.

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  2. Dodgers optioned Puig to Chattanooga and Gordon to Albuquerque today. I agree on Puig to season him, but Gordon and Cruz are better than Cruz and bench players. Could it be to avoid controversy if Gordon was hot when Ramirez came back?

    • I don’t think that Dodger management has much faith in Dee performing, so that might not have even occured to them. They seem sold on Hanley at SS in any event over the next several years, so Dee might end up in a trade package (and he should be happy about it).