Kershaw & Sutcliffe & Greinke, oh my!

From Jerry Crasnick at ESPN.

Talking of Kershaw and Greinke:

“I’m thinking, ‘Why me?’ This is awesome,” said Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis. “I get to catch two of the elite pitchers in all of baseball. Two former Cy Young winners. Guys who are probably going to win more Cy Youngs in their future. Iā€™m more than excited.”

15 thoughts on “Kershaw & Sutcliffe & Greinke, oh my!

  1. OK. If you were Renaissance man RA Dickey and had added the Cy Young to your resume of family man, humanitarian, author, carpenter, climber of Kilimanjaro without a rope, MLB knuckleballer, and whatever else, you’d put the award in the closet until you got around to displaying it, right?

    Sure you would. Really. At least if you were Dickey.

    Here he is in a video on the pitch and how he throws it (after maybe a hokey ad). Audio dicey, but whole thing maybe good for a few smiles–

  2. Got in the car today to gas it up for tomorrows trip to Glendale Az and the Dodgers spring training facility and the check engine light came on…It’s now in the shop but will be ready tonight, so we still get to enjoy the weekend and try to vastly increase our autograph collection

  3. story now up about veteran NRI relievers sounds like a couple actually might have a chance, since Mattingly thinks some experience would help the young, talented pen.

    Did not realize until reading that story that Moylan is an Aussie. Or that he has a 2.59 career ERA in 260 2/3 big league innings. [Lack of small sample size warning.] But his nickname is “when healthy.”