Still a breath of life

The Dodgers’ 3 – 0 victory this evening coupled with St. Louis’s 6 – 4 loss to Washington at home in extra innings has pushed the Dodgers one step closer to Wild Card #2. Matt Kemp hit two home runs and the bullpen was stellar following Blanton’s strong six innings. They’re still 2 games behind the Cardinals, but the Cards’ magic number remains 3. That means at least the first game with the Giants on Monday will be meaningful.

That ought to be interesting. Which team will come out on top in this ancient rivalry this time? The Giants, as they did in 1951 and 1982 (curses be upon you, Bobby Thomson and Joe Morgan!), or the Dodgers, as happened in 1959, 1993 and 2004?

3 thoughts on “Still a breath of life

  1. I remember hearing a phrase about “irrelevant” games — games which meant nothing towards postseason. I have to be honest — several weeks ago, I didn’t hold much hope that these games would be relevant.

    Whatever the outcome, it’s nice to see the offense and the pitching staff clicking and the Bison unleashed . . . kind of like April!