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The following are classmates who've indicated they either may or will attend the reunion in September.

Name Email Phone Status Nbr In Party RSVP Comment
Pennie Pillet Cotter Yes 1
Steve Timberlake Yes 1
Peter Hyland Yes 2
Bill Butler Yes 2
Walt Atkins Yes 2 With Pam Atkins
Dana Caldwell Yes 1
Marcia Kline Libertz Yes 1
Carol Bear Yes 2
Anne Wotring Yes 1
Richard Scroggs Yes 2
Rick Krochalis Yes 1 maybe we could consider a golf match on Saturday if there is enough interest?
Bill Stringer Yes 1
Gregg Turk Yes 2
Marty Wade Yes 1
Sally McNutt Yes 1
Carlee Poff Metcalfe Yes 1
Pam Myers-Griffis Yes 1
Steve Greenstreet Yes 2
Alison Bernhart Yes 2
Randy Shelton Yes 1
Mike Crowley Yes 2
Ed Powell Yes 1 Ed & Judie (Faith) Powell - class of '68 will attend
Chip Paxton Yes 1
Yvonne Newcomb-Doty Yes 1
Jane Beninate-Brady Yes 1
Sheila Flanders Yes 1
Robin Huyett Yes 1 I am 99% but need to verify . Thanks for all the hard work.
Linda Wagner Yes 1 most likely will attend unless other events change my calendar, which is marked.
Doug Church Yes 1
Rob Garrett Yes 1
Wayne Dennis Yes 2
Pam Anders Buzan Yes 1
Connie Payne Richards Yes 1
Jimmer Hartinger Yes 1
Michael Kauffman Yes 2
Pat Mullin Gray Yes 1 As the day approaches, I will have a better idea if I can come. (Grandchildren and my small business encroach on all activities!)
Becky Craft Tunick Yes 1
Linda Mayse Yes 1 We'll be in Australia just prior to the reunion but I'll definitely try to get back in time to attend. Don't like the sound of this being our LAST reunion.
Nancy Porter Yes 2
Tom Willett Maybe 2
Janice Grogin Maybe 1
Bob Mertz Maybe 1
Bill Cabrera Maybe 1
Mary Westcott Fry Maybe 2
Pat Sobel Hershwitzky Maybe 1
Cookie Montgomery Logan Maybe 2
Debi Dozier Miles Maybe 2
Christine Tawney Short No 2 Can't wait!
Nancy Cox Robinson No 2
Barbara Mehler No 2
Dale Bryan No 1
Pat Flipse No 1
Roberta Pilk Macdonald No 1
Greg Pensabene No 2
Peg Futrell No 1 Can't Wait!