Excellent riposte!

I have no idea who Jason Kander is, but he certainly has a sharp stick with which he poked our President this morning. President who won't release his tax returns wants to publish every registered voter's social security number, DOB, and party affiliation. https://t.co/0nylQdRskC — Jason Kander (@JasonKander) July 1, 2017

It’s The Gong Show, right?

Just read Jim Wright’s Facebook post regarding the method the White House used to reply to a formal request from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence for info about any tapes of former FBI Director Comey’s conversations with Trump. The White House literally quoted a tweet, a TWEET, from Trump’s personal Twitter account as …

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Found on Twitter

I endorse this sentiment one hundred percent. There was no conciliatory behavior by the Republicans and their supporters when President Obama won twice. Instead there was obstruction from the House and Senate from the very day he was inaugurated. There were millions of sneering remarks about the new President and his legitimacy, many of which …

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