Save the ACA

If you live in a Republican state, get on the phone to your Representatives and Senators. The House is trying to destroy the financial reforms Dodd-Frank put in place, including the Consumer Financial Protection Board and has already passed legislation to go to the Senate to do just that. The Senate is trying very hard to pass its version of the AHCA to repeal and replace Obamacare, and they’re trying to do it without public comment or hearings.

Find your Representatives’ and Senators’ office numbers here and call them. For health care you might ask for the health legislative assistant in each office, and look! Here are their names!

An exciting day in baseball

First, Edinson Volquez, a guy most would likely call a journeyman pitcher, threw a no-hitter tonight for the Miami Marlins, the eighth team he’s played for in his 13-year career. He struck out the side in the ninth to put a cap on his gem.

Every no-hitter seems to have at least one brilliant fielding play that kept a hit off the books, and this game was no exception. It was made by the Marlins’ second-baseman Dee Gordon in the fourth inning:

Four hours after Volquez pitched his way into the record books, Albert Pujols of the Angels hit his 600th career home run in Anaheim. Here are some of the more astonishing ones he hit along the way.

Below are the 1st, 100th, 200th and so on until tonights’ 600th.

There have only been nine men to hit 600 home runs. That’s a very exclusive club. It’s led by Bonds, Aaron and Ruth and populated with names like Mays, Ken Griffey Jr., Jim Thome, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa. Three of those guys’ accomplishments were PED-aided, we’re pretty sure, but unless MLB decrees they’re to be scrubbed from the record books, they count.

Oh by the way, a little while after Pujols’ grand slam, catcher Mike Zunino of the Mariners hit one in Seattle. That was the seventh grand slam of the day, breaking the previous record of six, set in 2000.

Trump still has ally in Nunes

Headline: Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for ‘unmaskings’ of Americans

Huh. How odd. Isn’t that…why yes. Yes it is.

The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee asked U.S. spy agencies late last year to reveal the names of U.S. individuals or organizations contained in classified intelligence on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, engaging in the same practice that President Trump has accused the Obama administration of abusing, current and former officials said.

That act of revelation is called “unmasking.” Now, half-a-year later, Rep. Nunes has called that “an abuse of surveillance powers by the outgoing Obama administration.” Rep. Nunes, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, no?

Nunes served subpoenas this week to the CIA, the NSA and the FBI asking for information about unmaskings requested by three former officials: national security adviser Susan E. Rice, CIA director John Brennan and U.N. ambassador Samantha Power.


Democrats on the panel say they believe the latest direction of Nunes’s investigation is designed to deflect attention from the Russia probe. In April, Nunes was forced to recuse himself from the committee’s probe of Russia because of allegations he may have inappropriately disclosed classified information. Nunes has denied any wrongdoing.

I don’t think Representative Nunes is telling the truth. Despite his recusal I think he’s drawing herrings across the trail, hoping to distract the media and the public from any connections between the President and Russian meddling in the election. In other words, I think Nunes is clumsily trying to cover things up.

Damned arrogant fool

Our President can’t be bothered to read anything except TV schedules, apparently.

I thought George W. Bush was unintelligent, but compared to Trump GWB is a Mensa team leader.

Buffoonery mixed with tragedy

If it weren’t so deadly serious, I’d burst out laughing at this idiotic remark from our “President:”

“The President also slammed reporters who include the phrase “sources say” in their stories.”

Way back in June of 2016 the Post analyzed a certain way of speaking candidate Trump used to avoid accusations of lying:

Trump frequently couches his most controversial comments this way, which allows him to share a controversial idea, piece of tabloid gossip or conspiracy theory without technically embracing it. If the comment turns out to be popular, Trump will often drop the distancing qualifier — “people think” or “some say.” If the opposite happens, Trump can claim that he never said the thing he is accused of saying, equating it to retweeting someone else’s thoughts on Twitter.

I also have to marvel at this piece of self-delusion from a flunkie:

A senior administration official told reporters on Air Force One returning from Sicily this weekend that Trump had established an “extraordinary rapport” with his fellow leaders, and that his foreign tour “will shape, I think, history for generations to come.”

Seriously, Mr. or Ms. SAO? When even as you’re flying home Angela Merkel says Europe can’t rely on others: those days are “over to a certain extent. This is what I have experienced in the last few days.”

Merkel’s comments were similar to some she made shortly before Trump’s inauguration in January. But they carry extra heft now that Trump is in office — and after Trump had a days-long opportunity to reset relations. Instead, by most European accounts, he strained them even more.

How does one manage to ingest the amount of Kool-Aid that senior official did in order to make that claim? If we manage to dump this idiot after one term it’s going to take ten years of hard work to get back the trust and good will he’s destroyed in just the first four months, let alone the next 3 1/2 years.