Bracketology, anyone?

I set up a group for my fellow Dodgers fans to pick the winners of the NCAA Tournament. I’m picking Arizona to win it all (gotta go with the kind-of alma mater even though I didn’t get the degree from there).

I’m opening it up to anyone who wants to participate. You’ll need to set up an account with ESPN, but once you’ve done that you can find the group and pick your teams. Just go to this blog post at my Dodgers blog and click the link, find the Elysian Fields group and join it.

Facts not required, I guess

Is there a single person in the Trump Administration with brains above a third-grade level? I mean, Pence goes to Kentucky today to sell Trumpcare and makes the idiotic claim that the ACA hurt Kentuckians. Look at the chart below which shows the percentage of people in that state uninsured in 2015, five years after Obamacare was enacted, compared to the percentage who were uninsured in 2008, two years before it took effect.

Alternative facts indeed.

New CD posting

On Facebook I mentioned that I had bought Hipper Than Hip by Tower of Power on the recommendation of a friend who once worked for the band. It arrived today and it is great.

Here’s one of the tracks from the album, a live version of “Soul Vaccination” from 1973. That was one year before the Hipper than Hip album was recorded. I assume the band’s lineup was the same.

Country Music Cataloging

Here are Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell singing “Hanging up my Heart” from their 2013 Grammy-winning album Old Yellow Moon. They have since released another album, The Traveling Kind. Crowell was a member of Emmylou’s Hot Band back in the 1980s and she’s been performing his compositions ever since, but it wasn’t till this decade they recorded together.

Long-term memory spike

Odd memory snuck up on me this evening; Mom, Dad and I were in a car driving at night and I was anxious that we get home soon. Why? Because I was afraid I’d miss that night’s episode of Huckleberry Hound.

There was snow on the side of the road in this memory, which means it would have to have taken place in the winter of 1958-1959, because we moved in the spring of 1959 from New London, Connecticut to Monterey, California.

This may be the Intro to the very first episode. It’s unclear.

It was on The Huckleberry Hound Show that Yogi Bear was first introduced to America.


Oh what the hell. Let’s separate parents from children at the border. They shouldn’t be there in the first place, so why not?

The policy shift would allow the government to keep parents in custody while they contest deportation or wait for asylum hearings. Children would be put into protective custody with the Department of Health and Human Services, in the “least restrictive setting” until they can be taken into the care of a U.S. relative or state-sponsored guardian.

Currently, families contesting deportation or applying for asylum are generally released from detention quickly and allowed to remain in the United States until their cases are resolved. A federal appeals court ruling bars prolonged child detention.

Tear children away from their parents and put them in government foster care homes. That’s humane, right?

Expect lawsuits. Expect appeals to the UN Human Rights Council. Expect violence.

This is the America 63 million of our fellow citizens voted for. It sure as hell isn’t mine.