I created a quiz based on television programs. I’ll give you character names, you give me the mini-series they appeared in. Pamela Tudsbury Chicken George Ralph de Bricassart Lt. Richard Winters Benjamin Rush Woodrow F. Call Col. Frank Skimmerhorn Aeryn Sun Lord Yoshi Torunaga Rudy Jordache Answers tomorrow!

What the heck, ESPN?

ESPN has once again concluded that Independence Day is a day for great American sports programming. For example, it’s showing the 2013 Hot Dog Eating Contest in NYC and a Canadian Football League Game from Montreal. Where’s baseball, ostensibly America’s Pastime? Dunno. “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” can’t be bothered to broadcast any Major League …

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Off the air

I just got the four-disk boxed set of Firefly from the library. I know what I’ll be watching the next two or three nights. I also added a Random Quote thing to the right sidebar for fun. If it slows up page loading, please advise.