Pro tip, football department

When you have the lead with under two minutes left in the game, you shouldn’t do this to a vulnerable receiver. Then, when the refs call a personal foul for unnecessary roughness on your teammate, you shouldn’t argue the point and get an additional fifteen-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct tacked on, meaning that you and …

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2015-16 College Football Bowl Schedule | 2016 Playoff

Do you know that in the 40 bowl games this year there are several teams with losing records? It’s true, it’s true! There are 127 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision, which means only about a third will miss out on the headphones, sunglasses, watches, gift cards and whatever else is stuffed into those goodie …

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Moral victories aren’t

But still, with 9 minutes left in the game the University of Hawai’i football team is down 24-0 to Ohio State, the number one team in the country. It was 14-0 at halftime. Considering the oddsmakers had OSU as a 40-point favorite, that’s playing them pretty hard.