Roaster marketing

Hey, look! A commercial for the roaster I plan to cook turkey in this afternoon! Yep, we still own one from the 1950s. It still works fine, although I think the “On” light doesn’t come on until the desired heat is reached rather than during preheating. I’ll find out a little later if that’s right.

Pretty good steak, too

About every six months there’s a guy driving a meat truck around our neighborhood, ostensibly making deliveries to customers who’ve ordered in advance. Personally, I think he’s prospecting rather than delivering. He’s stopped at our house maybe four times to try to sell me on his products, which are frozen steaks in various cuts, pork …

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Occasionally I see a recipe on Facebook which looks worth trying. A friend who works for Cabot Creamery has been celebrating Grilled Cheese Month (who knew, right?) by posting pictures and recipes, and this one looked great: Spicy Sausage and Creamed Corn Quesadillas. There are excellent photos at that link, but I took one of …

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Sometimes countries are like little children.

You remember the Cold War, thought to have died umpty-ump years ago when Gorbachev’s perestroika and glasnost helped knock down the Berlin Wall and the Warsaw Pact? It’s back, and the culprit is yogurt. The US Olympic team likes it, so Chobani thought it would be great PR to send them 5,000 containers of the …

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