Sometimes countries are like little children.

You remember the Cold War, thought to have died umpty-ump years ago when Gorbachev’s perestroika and glasnost helped knock down the Berlin Wall and the Warsaw Pact? It’s back, and the culprit is yogurt. The US Olympic team likes it, so Chobani thought it would be great PR to send them 5,000 containers of the …

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Ack! Sunday Produce Fail!

No bulk white mushrooms. No packaged white mushrooms. Criminis, yes. Portobellos, yes. But I wanted white mushrooms to sauté and put on chicken! Safeway’s ordinarily pretty good, but there’s one big flaw with the place: they don’t do any of the buying locally. They buy local veg, but the authorizations are all done out of …

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I had some red, yellow and orange peppers I needed to use before they went bad on me. From Events Sliced peppers, red onions, white mushroom, diced new (red) potatoes and 1/4″-sliced Andouille. The nice thing is it’s a one-skillet meal. Oh, and it tastes good too.