Nobody’s in line, so everyone wants in

The Republicans usually have a Presidential candidate in waiting, someone who’s more or less “next in line.” In 2008 it was John McCain, since he’d lost to GWB in the primaries in 2000. In 2012 it wasn’t quite so clearcut, but Mitt Romney had competed in 2008 and lost to McCain, so the party fell …

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Mark Evanier is a comic book and TV writer. He writes a blog called News From ME. Ordinarily his blog is weighted toward the entertainment industry, since he’s been around it since the 1970s, but occasionally he expresses a political opinion such as the one below: Mitch McConnell keeps complaining Obama won't "come to the …

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It makes no sense

So voters want a higher minimum wage, legal pot, abortion access and GOP representation. Ok then. — Ben Casselman (@bencasselman) November 5, 2014 All three of those policies are Democratic issues, so it makes all the sense in the world to vote for the Republicans to implement them. My fellow Americans, what were you thinking?

Plainspoken intent to steal

Votes, that is. From the Bergen Record: [Governor Chris] Christie stressed the need to keep Republicans in charge of states — and overseeing state-level voting regulations — ahead of the next presidential election. Christie made his push at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, D.C., where he ran down a list of states …

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