Memory loss is bad for countries too

Charlie Pierce: The 2016 presidential campaign—and the success of Donald Trump on the Republican side—has been a triumph of how easily memory can lose the struggle against forgetting and, therefore, how easily society can lose the struggle against power. There is so much that we have forgotten in this country. We’ve forgotten, over and over …

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Too little too late, guys

Headline: Cruz and Kasich devise strategy to keep Trump from clinching three primary states The campaigns of Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich released written statements within minutes of each other Sunday night calling for Kasich to effectively stop competing in Indiana and for Cruz to clear the way for Kasich in …

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Get down with your bad self!

You knew that yesterday all three Republican candidates for President disavowed their previous pledges to support whoever the party ultimately nominated, right? Well… Friendly reminder that the GOP candidates don't even want to vote for the GOP candidates. — John Dingell (@JohnDingell) March 30, 2016

Hawai’i Caucuses for Democrats

Except that it’s not really a caucus, at least not the kind where you meet your neighbors and try to persuade them to vote your way while resisting their blandishments to vote theirs. No, Hawai’i’s Democrats run what’s called a Presidential Preference Poll. A what? Question: Why do you call it a Presidential Preference Poll …

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Arizona blows primary election up

The Arizona Republic, long a conservative and Republican-oriented paper, says it doesn’t believe the Maricopa County election officials intended to suppress turnout today in Phoenix and its suburbs. It says that despite the idiots running the primary election cutting polling places in the county from 200 last time to 60 this time. It did have …

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Trump, explained (perhaps)

This article from The Guardian seems to explain the Trump phenomenon fairly well. It’s a shame the Republican Party has not recognized just what it’s done by creating a base of voters who expected Roe v. Wade to be overturned, the Affordable Care Act repealed, gay marriage banned, immigrants thrown out of the country and …

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