Woods wins, and other sports news

Yeah, yeah, there’s a basketball tournament going on, but that’s still got a week to go. It will have Kentucky, Ohio State, Louisville, and Kansas in the Final Four. That’s pretty much college basketball’s elites right there. Kentucky’s been to the Final Four 15 times, Ohio State 11, Louisville 9, and Kansas 14. Occupy the …

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March Madness indeed

After yesterday’s late upsets (Lehigh over Duke?!? Ohio over Michigan?!? Norfolk State over Missouri?!?), today has so far run true to form, with all the higher seeds winning. Syracuse, Ohio State, Marquette and Wisconsin have moved forward. Hopes for an upset rest on VCU v. Indiana this afternoon. After Norfolk State beat Missouri yesterday, there …

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Deservedly so, however. When you lose the conference tournament championship, go 23-11 on the year but 12-6 in a conference which had a pretty bad year, that’s a recipe for being in the NIT. Oh well. Bear Down, Arizona.

Baseball has saved us!

Hoo boy. Brian Fischer of the evangelical American Family Association asserted yesterday that by singing “God Bless America” instead of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” baseball has saved us from more 9/11-style tragedies. “By God’s blessing, we have not been hit by a Muslim attack since 9/11,” Fischer said. “I suggest that in …

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