Lucky me

I went out to the driveway this afternoon, fear and trepidation in my heart. I was sure the car wouldn’t start, simply because it hadn’t been driven long enough after I got it jumped last night. I was wrong. It started right up and purred along as though it had never run down. Phew.

Pretty good steak, too

About every six months there’s a guy driving a meat truck around our neighborhood, ostensibly making deliveries to customers who’ve ordered in advance. Personally, I think he’s prospecting rather than delivering. He’s stopped at our house maybe four times to try to sell me on his products, which are frozen steaks in various cuts, pork …

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Remote control devices, temperament thereof

I swear there must be thousands of these things thrown against walls every day. Mom’s has a mute button which seems to have gotten off-center from its spring inside the case. If you press it you run the risk of not getting your sound back without a fair degree of fussing and cussing. I don’t …

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