Saturday is towels and clothing, Sunday is sheets. If I feel ambitious, I do another load of dog rugs and towels. Then she turns her nose up at them for a day or two after they’re put back down in her spot.

Look what I found!

I walked into the kitchen this morning and looked out the window toward the bird feeder, which I’d filled yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm. Suddenly this guy appeared. From Events We’re speculating that he’s an escapee from a cage somewhere nearby, although Hawai’i Audobon says there are four introduced parrot/parakeet species which have or have had …

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Empty-walleted homeowner

Microwave oven stopped heating. No appliance repair shop on Oahu fixes microwaves. Purchased new microwave. $157.06 with tax at Sears. Pool pump making screeching noise. Analysis: bearings gone bad. Solution: replace pump. Pump replaced. $420.94 from Precision Pools. Extended warranty charges for dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer and oven all due for renewal this month. $775 or thereabouts. …

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