My neighbor’s daughter is getting married this afternoon/evening, and her parents are staying overnight in Waikiki after the wedding and reception. They’ve asked me to dogsit their Jack Russell terrier tonight and tomorrow morning. I haven’t done this in 30 years. What could possibly go wrong?

Stores emptying

Considering that neither Iselle nor Julio are expected to be at any more than tropical storm strength by the time they arrive, my fellow residents obviously concluded that their hurricane kits needed updating. And the earlier storm isn’t scheduled to be here till the day after tomorrow! I’m impressed with the pre-planning! (Photo from HawaiiNewsNow) …

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Lucky me

I went out to the driveway this afternoon, fear and trepidation in my heart. I was sure the car wouldn’t start, simply because it hadn’t been driven long enough after I got it jumped last night. I was wrong. It started right up and purred along as though it had never run down. Phew.