Not a happy camper

Last Thursday afternoon, June 1, our side-by-side fridge/freezer began emitting a very loud hum. The following morning I checked our file and determined that yes indeed, this had happened before, in March of this year. The tech came out and cleared various internal vents back then. It worked fine after that, and because we have …

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Music Music Music

A while back Library Thing made some programming changes which allowed its users to catalog their music and movie libraries. I have heretofore been keeping a spreadsheet of my CD and Vinyl music collections, but the widget I used to use to convert Excel to HTML doesn’t work with Open Office spreadsheets and it’s a …

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I guess the Tempur-Pedic Mattress company wasn’t kidding when it advertised limited-time-only 3-year financing deals for its products. My goodness. I just looked at the firm’s website and the mattress prices range from $1,699 to $3,699. It’s a damned good thing mine is in good shape.