Hungry birds

From Events From filling the feeder till this happened: approximately 10 minutes. If I’d had a camera with a faster shutter speed I might have gotten some detail of one of the ones about to land, but my 35mm film camera is empty and my digital camera is a Canon point-and-shoot.

Cold water worked

On what? On the tablecloth which had several cranberry relish stains on it. I soaked the spots in a bowl of cold water Thanksgiving night and it appeared I got it all out then, but running it through the washing machine with the matching napkins was the full test. And they came out. Phew!

Roaster marketing

Hey, look! A commercial for the roaster I plan to cook turkey in this afternoon! Yep, we still own one from the 1950s. It still works fine, although I think the “On” light doesn’t come on until the desired heat is reached rather than during preheating. I’ll find out a little later if that’s right.