Avengers: Age of Ultron

I made it through both Guardians of the Galaxy and was amused. I wonder which A-list actor is going to be in “Ultron?” After all, Robert Redford had a major role in “Winter Soldier,” and in GotG 2 Kurt Russell had a giant part as principal antagonist. Then there was Sly Stallone turning up once …

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Next up, Guardians of the Galaxy!

I’ve now seen nine of the first ten movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I’ll have to go back to “The Incredible Hulk.”) I’ve been pretty favorably impressed with most of them. Sure, they’re comic-book based, but hey, a whole lot of movies are based on preposterous material. Who read “The Bridges of Madison County” …

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So, the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Now that “Endgame” is out, I thought I’d at least make a stab at watching some of these movies. Better late than never, right? I checked, and it seems that my state library has copies of most and possibly all of them. I dutifully scoured the internet for advice on how to watch them and …

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Mark Knopfler may be the best guitarist of the last 30 years. That’s just one man’s opinion, of course, but I admire his understatement. He doesn’t do flash much. This is from his 2012 album “Privateering.”

Reversion to YA-hood

Way back when I was in high school I read like crazy (still do). I had lots of paperbacks, including mysteries (Agatha Christie, Rex Stout), thrillers (Doc Savage) and, in hardcover, about half of the Rick Brant Science Adventure Stories. Those were “boys’ books” which tried to make real science more accessible than Tom Swift …

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Book and music purchases arrive

In today’s mail: Paperback editions of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s “Neogenesis” and Eric Flint and Charles Gannon’s “The Vatican Sanction.” Also: the 2016 Celebration of Joan Baez’s 75th birthday, complete with a whole bunch of guest artists singing with her. Here’s one of the songs: Baez and Mary Chapin Carpenter singing Donovan’s “Catch the …

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