Baseball is a funny game

There are a lot of ways to make an out on the basepaths in a baseball game, but getting hit by a batted ball is one of the rarest. I saw it happen once.

The question: How can a game end on a base hit by player on the team that is trailing without the ball being touched by the defensive team?

Here’s how:

With Brave runners on first and third and two out in the ninth inning, Atlanta’s Ted Simmons hit a line drive off Dodger starter Orel Hershiser that was seemingly headed into right field to easily score Trench Davis with the tying run.

Instead, the ball hit Glenn Hubbard, the runner at first base, squarely on the shoulder and then trickled into shallow right field. Hubbard slumped to the ground, as if shot, and Dodgers players momentarily mulled around the field unaware that the final out had been recorded.

But first base umpire Gerry Davis singled Hubbard out, giving the Dodgers their third straight one-run win.

For those scoring at home, give Simmons a single and also make the game-ending put out by first baseman Franklin Stubbs, who never actually touched the ball.

There’s a cliché that says “Every time you go to a baseball game, you see something you’ve never seen before.” This was certainly true of me that night.