Movies and legs, oh my

I’ve gotten stalled. I rented “Avengers: Age of Ultron” but didn’t get around to watching it before my one-week checkout period was about to expire, so I took it back. I have to re-rent it, but I have to be sure I have a night available to watch it within that week. For some reason that’s difficult.

My leg had started to improve, I thought, and then it all went to hell again. I have seen a different physical therapist who’s given me three different exercises from the ones the first guy gave me. This one is the one which noticeably helps:

Doing that for a full minute stretches the piriformis muscle, which is one of my areas of pain. I also do a reverse clam exercise:

and a prone quad stretch with resistance leash:

They help for a while, but I’m not feeling any permanent improvement. I really don’t want to live with this pain for the next 10-20 years, dammit!