Leg update

I saw the doctor on Thursday afternoon, February 7. He watched me bend my knee (very good range of motion when seated) and said “it looks like arthritis. Let’s x-ray it. I’ll also prescribe some ointment and a painkiller.” So we did.

I picked up the prescriptions (a very fragrant mentholated cream and some 15mg Meloxicam) and went home. An hour or so later the doc called me to say the x-rays were pretty clear that it was an arthritic knee with a little bursitis in the hip. He said he’d refer me to the physical therapists at the VA. We’re now into the fifth day since he referred me and I’ve heard nothing. I don’t think there’s more than one of those people up there, so it may take a while. Meanwhile the internet tells me these pills may take up to two weeks to have their full effect, and my knee shows no signs of improvement. I’m getting groceries thanks to my sister, but there are other errands that are not getting done.

I am not a happy guy right now. If I had gotten a treatment or a series of exercises I could do at home I’d feel like progress was in view. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.



  1. I take Meloxicam also, but due to an insurance SNAFU, I had to go a month without it. Everything started to ache after about a week. I finally got a prescription filled on Sunday and I feel much better now. Good luck with this, Steve.

  2. Just saw this, Steve. I’ve been taking it for 14 days now and haven’t noticed much pain relief. The knee has been slowly getting better and I’m able to walk reasonably well but not for very long.

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