It’s coming

Yes indeed, December is almost here. The season of Santa Claus, the Grinch, Charlie Brown, “you’ll put your eye out” and George Bailey is nearly upon us. In fact, my neighborhood stores had Christmas decorations up even before Thanksgiving. It annoys me, but what can you do?

It also means I am about to start my Christmas songfest on this here blog, so consider yourself warned. It begins on December 1.

There are some new albums this Christmas season for you to sample, including ones from:

There’s one more you should know about if you haven’t heard already: Shatner Claus. Yes, Captain Kirk has released a Christmas album. One of the reviewers at Amazon says: “Shatner can’t sing to save his own life, and instead of hiding from that fact he celebrates it with all of the gusto that T.J. Hooker can bring.”

Makes sense to me.


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