Medical/family day

I started out this morning with an eye exam. Somehow I’m seeing slightly better than last time, which is a bit startling. I’ve got a new pair of glasses and frames coming in the mail within the next month.

Once I was done with that I went down one floor at the VA Clinic to get the second round of the new and improved shingles shot. I also suggested I get a flu shot while I was sitting in the chair by the desk, and the nurse agreed.

I now have a very sore arm, as I always do after the flu shot. It goes away in a day or two, but meanwhile it aches. Oh well. I’d prefer not to be a statistic like one of the 80,000 Americans who died of the flu last winter.

Then I came home and turned on the Dodgers game (a horrible exhibition) while waiting for my LA cousins to arrive for an afternoon visit and a meal. I roasted a lot of tri-tip, made some garlic mashed potatoes (from a mix; I’m lazy about that chore) and some corn-on-the-cob, sautéed some mushrooms, and served up. It was good, if I do say so myself.