Baseball in Baltimore!

One week ago tonight I was at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. We entered via Eutaw Street, which reminded me of a small elongated county fairground, what with food vendors and team merchandise sellers on either side.

This ballpark was the first new stadium which attempted to recover the feel of the baseball-only stadiums of the earlier 20th century, and I’ve wanted to see it for a long time. When one of my classmates told me he had tickets to spare I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m sure I took a picture of Eutaw Street with my phone, but maybe I didn’t get the button pushed hard enough. I discovered on this trip that my LG phone’s camera doesn’t take the clearest pictures, whether because I push too hard and move the phone body or for some other reason.

On the other hand, this one came out pretty well.

The Orioles are horrible this season, which explains why the crowd is so small. They managed to beat the Blue Jays the night I was there, though, in a good tight 2-1 game.