50th Anniversary, HS Class Graduation

It’s not precisely a 50th Reunion, although that’s standard naming. How many classes have met every year for 50 years?

Anyway, for months I’ve been on the planning committee for my high school class’s reunion, and it’s now just a month away. I’ve already got a hotel reservation and my plane tickets.

At one point we’d thought to ask some of the class members to play the rock songs of our youth, as they’ve done twice in the last ten years for these get-togethers, but it was concluded that there’s only one way to play that music — loudly. If we did that conversations would be drowned out, and since we’re all 67 or 68 years old our hearing’s not the best anymore anyway. So we told the band they could mingle with the rest of us instead of working.

What then do we do for background music? Well, I didn’t exactly volunteer to create an iTunes playlist, I just made one for myself and then offered it. I focused on songs released no later than 1968 and mostly hit my target. There may be a dozen on the list which came out between 1969 and 1972. Here are the first half-dozen or so, and here’s a link to a spreadsheet with the entire list of songs. I’ve got a copy of the mp4 files on flash drive and in Dropbox.

Song Artist
I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles
Ain’t She Sweet The Beatles With Tony Sheridan
All Day And All Of The Night The Kinks
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore The Walker Brothers
Needles And Pins The Searchers
Downtown Petula Clark


  1. Thank you for all the work you are investing. What great list! There were so many songs during that time that open a floodgate of memories. I loved the motown hits so popular then; I remember that the Supremes had a great “album”; the boxtops, the Letter; the Little Rascals; Jefferson Airplane.

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