Performing men

I need to take a break from the malfeasance the Trump Administration is perpetrating daily, so let’s have a quiz!

I’m going to name 10 movie or TV characters (all men this time; I’m going to make one of these for women too). You tell me who played the character and in what movie or TV show. All of these actors either won or were nominated for Academy Awards, Tonys or Emmys, although not necessarily for these roles; they are not obscure.

I’ll provide the answers in the next post.


  1. J Pierpont Finch
  2. Roger Thornhill
  3. Joe Bradley
  4. Joe Clay
  5. Max Cady
  6. Rowdy Yates
  7. Bert the friendly cop in “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  8. LCDR Quinton McHale
  9. Col. Andrea Stavrou
  10. Curly Washburn


  1. J Pierpont Finch: Robert Morse, How To Succeed…
    Roger Thornhill: Cary Grant, North by Northwest
    Joe Bradley: dunno
    Joe Clay: dunno
    Max Cady: Robert DeNiro or Robert Mitchum, Cape Fear
    Rowdy Yates: Clint Eastwood, Rawhide
    Bert the friendly cop in “It’s a Wonderful Life”: Ward Bond
    LCDR Quinton McHale: Ernest Borgnine, McHale’s Navy
    Col. Andrea Stavrou: ???
    Curly Washburn: Jack Palance, City Slickers

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