Lyin’ Trump lies again

Trump is on this tear about Amazon and the Post Office, and he’s fired everyone who’s willing to tell him he’s making a fool of himself by getting his facts wrong or lying. For starters:

Last year alone, Amazon supplied $7 billion of the Post Office’s $19.5 billion in revenue.

So obviously Amazon and the Postal Service have a special relationship, but it’s not an exclusive commitment. Amazon delivers many of its packages in bulk to US Postal Service distribution centers, where those familiar-looking white trucks take care of the last mile.

Then there’s his claim that the Post Office negotiated a horrible below cost deal with Amazon. No, dogbreath.

It’s illegal for the Postal Service to ship anything below cost thanks to the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.

That claim that Amazon pays “little or no taxes to state & local governments…?” Not so, you halfwit. Amazon pays the federal corporate tax and collects taxes in all 46 states where sales taxes exist, plus the District of Columbia. (This excludes Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.)

But what about his whine that Amazon uses the Postal Service as its “Delivery Boy?” Guilty! But so does everyone who puts anything into a blue mailbox! Why, funnily enough, that’s what the Postal Service is supposed to do! Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution (the one signed in 1789, Trump, you dolt) says “The Congress shall have power to…establish post offices and post roads.” The Postal Service was established in 1792. It authorized delivery from Post Office to Post Office. In 1863 Congress passed a law which

provided that free city delivery be established at Post Offices where income from local postage was more than sufficient to pay all expenses of the service. For the first time, Americans had to put street addresses on their letters.

By June 30, 1864, free city delivery had been established in 65 cities nationwide, with 685 carriers delivering mail in cities such as Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. By 1880, 104 cities were served by 2,628 letter carriers, and by 1900, 15,322 carriers provided service to 796 cities.

Okay, that took me about 40 minutes to research and type. I realize that our Presidential dotard has no patience for such things. In fact, I doubt he has the patience even to read this post. Nor, apparently, does he have any people working for him who are willing to tell him (generously) that he’s got his facts wrong, or (rudely) that he’s a damn fool and a liar.

I don’t work for him, so I will so state. He’s a damn fool and a liar.